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3 ways to avoid selling your home

The three Ps - Put a sign in the yard Put it on the MLS Pray that it sells! It's always interested me we have been transacting real estate in the same way since we had big books, full of pictures. Sure, now we have websites, use social media, take videos - however, the basics have not changed. Listing a home Seller asks neighbors and friends and finds an agent. Agent goes to meet seller. Agent and seller discuss price. CMAs may be shared. Agent presents marketing pitch. Seller signs documents. Agent puts home on MLS and calls seller every week. I am often in violent agreement with my accusers, who say I have a 'slant' on the way I look at things sometimes. This is where I wish a smiley face

Listing Storyboard™

Selling your home? A listing storyboard can bring your home to life. In old-fashioned real estate, we put a sign outside, a lockbox on the door, then folks searched for your home on the internet. Although some home search websites are better looking than others, the contain; in the main, the same data. Listing storyboards allow you to interact with your home's details. Here's an example of a listing storyboard, which you can see live at this link. If you are an agent and wish to learn how to produce a listing storyboard, you can join our coaching program, or become a fully-fledged All-Star Powerhouse agent! #1agent #allstarcertifiedcom #Ashevillehomesales #sellyourhome