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Top Tips From Tony Dicello on Prospecting

From Twitter, kw Family Reunion, 2017 Inman News places Tony on the top 25 best real estate coaches list. 'Tony DiCello has earned the title of master coach at Keller Williams training program MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems). His engaging style is a motivator for every agent he coaches'

Mike Kranz Group Call - ahas from Family Reunion

Today we discussed, inspired by Keller Williams Family Reunion: Getting back to basics - focusing on mastery of what we are doing. Giving up on control and perfection, when hiring and leading people. Using our Unique Value Proposition to stand out when winning listings (and anything else in life.....) Here's a link to the VISION speech for those of you who could not attend. 1. Wow, what a broad topic here. Jessica Estrada from Florida mentioned Making Peace with the Boredom of Mastery. Many of us operating at a high level, can lose sight of the need (and often boredom) of doing the same thing in a repetitive fashion. Jessica started a scripting group in her office. At 8.30am, 10 people get t