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20 Old West Chapel Road, Asheville, NC 28803 - MLS #3318469
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"Seller Says"

The things I love most about Asheville are the diverse and uplifting activities it provides. From mountain biking and dance classes to wonderful schools; and let's not forget about the plethera of food choices to satisfy any craving. I also love how open minded, well rounded and caring the people that live in Asheville are. No matter what you're into, this city has it all!


Asheville offers a melting pot of any cuisine you might be in the mood for and just like everything else here it's just right up the road! Some of our favorite places are The Cantina, Nine Mile, Mayfel's, 12 Bones, and of course Corner Kitchen.

Shopping for food is simple due to having so many different stores within a 10 minute drive! We are regular shoppers at Whole Foods, Target, Ingles and last but definitely not least the farmers market which is just a few minutes down interstate 40.


After looking at what seemed to be countless properties we stumbled over this one. We instantly knew it had to be ours with its spacious yard, lovely front porch, and quaint setting all located at the heart of asheville, with Oakley Elementary just a walk away.


The Asheville area is the perfect place to live to enjoy all 4 seasons. Take a ride/hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall. Head up to Boone (1.5 hour drive) to go skiing or snowboarding during the winter months. Walk through the botanical gardens during the spring. Go hiking to one of our amazing waterfalls or mountain tops during the summer or float down the French Broad River on a tubing adventure. Also, downtown is an amazing eclectic Mecca of adversity, brimming with new artists and lots of locally grown food for those fabulous restaurants.


A few of the other great things I can mention about Asheville is it's many world class mountain or road biking areas. It's seemingly countless breweries. A great concert/event venue. And lastly but very much not least is being able to head up to McCormick field and watch the Asheville Tourists play during the spring and summer especially on Friday nights when they end the game with fireworks.


Obviously everyone enjoys different hobbies but all of our favorites are outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, walking around downtown sipping coffee, chatting with friends drinking a beer outside a local brewery, watching our Tourists play, or just taking the kids to splash around under a waterfall nearby.


Our neighborhood is great for offering something for everyone. We always feel comfortable letting the kids run all over the property and play with other kids from all over the neighborhood until the street lamps come on. At night you can just relax on the front porch drinking a glass of wine feeling the breeze or if you're feeling more adventurous you can throw a block party with your neighbors and make all sorts of new friends.


Utility bills are very reasonable and much lower then you might expect. The cooler temperature of the area limits your air conditioning use and it only takes one small space heater or baseboard heater to heat the house comfortably all winter. So our Duke energy bill was never a shock. Asheville water sewer and trash is cheap and always reliable and prompt for any of your disposal needs.

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