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51 Glady View Drive, Candler, NC 28715 - MLS #3315214
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"Seller Says"

We love Candler and all the surrounding local areas. Candler is warm and friendly when you are out and about,whether you are in the grocery store, local eateries. We are close to downtown but without the noise and traffic.


We like to eat at the local small Mom and Pop type places. Go just a few miles and you will run into all kinds of the fast food places and Name Brand chain restaurants that we all know.


We are close to 3 major food stores all within 15-20 minutes. A brand new Ingles. Also a big BI-LO and Food Lion but when you forget the small thing you can go to the very convenient small Hominy Valley market!


When we saw this property we immediately fell in love the beauty and quietness of this area. We are close to the city and all it offers but far enough away to miss the nightly noise of Trains, ambulances and sirens. You are very close to a local Volunteer fire department so it helps with Insurance company concerns.


This area is so sweet! It's close to but not to close to Hwy's 40,26 and 240, but no noise from the highway is heard. If you like quiet peaceful living with convenience to every thing this is! Local craft breweries, specialty restaurants and shops are all with in minutes. A unique thing about this area is the Hot Air Ballons that launch and fly and land in this valley. It is awesome when you see them flying above you, and when they have landed in a field it is beyond a surprise when you come upon them. Gorgeous and breath taking. If you like local music and events Asheville has it all. After 5 on Fridays and Shindig on the Green. Water fountain in Downtown Asheville. Zip Lines & Rafting on the river. Hiking the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Trail just to name a few.


As this area has so many diverse activities you can discover new hobbies and still enjoy all the old favorites. The local tech school offers "Everything from Cooking to Welding". Baking, gardening, pottery are very cool hobbies we have come to enjoy.


The neighborhood where we live is small and diverse. We have 5 homes in our cove and no more will be built as this area is owned by the people who live here. There at 2 families with small elementary age children and 2 older couples and a single person. We have occasional porch suppers where we get together. When it snows the kids (and the adults) slide down the hill in Grandma's yard. The neighbors are kind and friendly and always willing to help if need be.


Electrical Co-op does the electric to this home. We have our bill averaged monthly so we never have a high unexpected bill. $176.00 is how our bill is averaged for us. We have a private well and Septic so no monthly costs are incurred. We rent our Propane Gas tank from Suburban Gas and we use very little propane for the fireplace. We have them fill our tank every other year so the cost depends on the market at that time.

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