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From the best-selling real estate book, helping agents and developers list and sell more homes ( As part of the AllstarCertified Worldwide network, we offer this program.






















The Basic Premise Is Simple:


  • Seller wants to sell existing home and build a new one.

  • Seller contacts an agent who operates the Program.

  • Seller works with a builder whose part of the Program, i.e., on the agent’s preferred builder list.

  • Seller agrees to use CPO (see CPO Program) and works with the agent who lists the existing home for sale.

  • Once the seller purchases (closes on) the newly-built home, the builder refunds the listing commission, usually up to a certain dollar limit, which the seller paid at closing of their previous home.

This program provides a ‘win-win,’ by connecting builders to purchasers of their new home product while benefitting sellers by refunding some of the commission paid.

  • Existing home is priced at $300,000.

  • Example of 6% listing commission: Listing agent receives 3% of the home sale price, which equals $9,000.

  • Seller Purchases newly-built home from a Builder in the Program, and Builder refunds $9,000 to the seller after the closing.

  • Some builders set limits on the refund - often between $2,000 - $10,000 - depending on the value of the new home they’re offering. Sometimes the buyers choose to use the refund for upgrades on the home, which most builders offer.

Key Benefits Of The Program: AllStar Sell For Free Buy New Program Assists:
  • Sellers who wish to build a new home, and are able to reduce the cost of selling their current home.

  • Listing agents, who are able to assist in a reduction of costs for their sellers.

  • Builders, who gain a sales pipeline of sellers who are committed to the process.

Program 9: AllStar Sell For Free Buy New™


What Is The Sell For Free Buy New Program?


The Sell For Free Buy New Program ( is designed for people who a) need to sell their existing home and b) intend to build a new home with the agent’s preferred builder.

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