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Priority Seller Program™ - free*


Getting ready for your home sale is critical in today's market, and for your first few highest-activity days on the market. We'll set you up with face-to-face or phone appointments with all the right people 30 days before your planned listing date, and make sure the crucial pre-planning runs smoothly.


  1. Fill in 'Outperform the Market When Selling Your Home'  - we need this before the other steps.

  2. Expedite your listing by filling in our Listing StoryBoard

  3. Email our Listing Manager to set up your listing appointment - we will come out ready to complete the video, pictures etc when we are there.

  4. Investigate the All-Star Powerhouse CPO Program.

    1. ​Email us here with 'please have appraiser call us' in the subject to have an appraiser call you to discuss pricing an appraisal. This will be a MARKETING appraisal, and should be less than 6 months old to be effective. It is not the same as a refinancing appraisal.

    2. Email us here with 'please have inspector call us' in the subject to have an inspector call you to discuss pricing an inspector.

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