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All-Star Powerhouse Asheville NC Group’s weekly live radio show
Marketing Service Agreement (MSA)
Rowena Patton’s All-Star Powerhouse @ Keller Williams (ASPH) is the #1 home selling team in WNC, with 200+ sales yearly. Rowena Patton and her team, as well as the ‘posse’ host a live radio show every Saturday, at 10am. Her background is marketing, and ASPH markets to tens of thousands of buyers and sellers on a weekly basis. Our marketing program is open, on an exclusive basis, to real-estate related vendors.
** Only one spot per profession is available **

Real Estate News Radio is broadcast from Asheville NC, hosted by Rowena Patton. It airs Saturday 10-11am. People listen all around the country, as evidenced by the call ins from Florida, DC, CA, and even South Africa! The show offers a platform for real estate professionals such as appraisers, inspectors, loan officers, title and attorneys and many others to give their perspective on a topic, and introduce themselves to the listeners.


The show has been airing since 2011 in Asheville NC. It’s more common these days for listeners to be ‘tuning in” using links on their computer, or their IHeart radio app. Therefore, we have listeners around the country.


The show deals with diverse real estate topics every week, and both shows have special guests and a POSSE of real estate professionals who give their unique perspective on the topic.


We also have real estate teams in Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL, with more coming soon.

Marketing Agreements offer:

  • Appearances on the radio show

  • Dial in to show

  • Topic co-creation for the radio show

  • Ongoing marketing through our team’s emails (15+ people)

  • Placement on our websites

  • Being recommended as our preferred providers, and inclusion in our buyer and seller packs

  • Opportunity to offer promotions that we will read for you when you are not present

  • Opportunity to sponsor Trivia Gift

  • Rotation of 30 second spot (commercial) in show (not every week, on rotation)


Real Estate Professionals are contacted yearly to find the best provider for our teams. If you would like to be considered for our program, please send us your details below.


Marketing Service Programs start at:




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