Allstar Powerhouse Win Your Home Program for Buyers

Welcome to the AllstarPowerhouse Win Your Home Program

These are unprecedented times in real estate, as I am sure you know. So what does it mean for you in a sellers’ market? Let’s see how we can compete, to bring the greatest probability of you winning your dream home! Consider these current facts:

  • Most buyers are writing 3+ offers on homes before they win one - especially at price points below the median in the area they are considering

  • Many get discouraged along the way

  • Some are left paying month after month on their leases because they keep losing out

  • Most are taking time off work or their lives, to scurry after a home, only to lose hours of their life when it doesn’t happen.

Setting you up for success - let’s go through these together and check where we can strengthen your offer. Note that we are not suggesting you put your investment at risk: in a Buyer’s market we are most often suggesting that you ask for as much as possible! Circle the emoji that most speaks to you on each contract winner in a Seller’s market. Go through each one of these points with your Buyer Agent representative so that they can go through each one with you in detail.

For more information on the difference between a Pre Qualification and a Pre Approval letter, see this article

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828 333 4483


AllStar Powerhouse, 56 Central Avenue, Suite #202,  Asheville NC, 28801  


Agents interested in joining the AllStarPowerHouse network or starting your own Powerhouse team? 


Each office is owned independently and may offer different programs to those advertised - check with your local office before making a decision.   Patton Property Group LLC DBA AllstarPowerhouse


'Allstar Agents' or agents who are part of the Allstar network are not employed by Patton Property Group or its affiliates. All agents are independent contractors for individual real estate brokerages in their respective states.