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Best Fall Colors - Asheville NC

My all-time favorite season is fall. There is just something about the anticipated tastes of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and caramel that causes my mouth salivate at the hint of their scents. I adore the embrace of a warm and snuggly sweater. Brisk air dancing through my hair during a mid-day walk brings delightful sights of autumn leaves swirling amidst my feet. Abundant shades of orange, red, brown, and yellow speckle and splash streets and mountainsides.

What if you could visit and a have a front row ticket to the country’s best assortment of fall foliage? Well, you can. Asheville North Carolina is home to the highly visited autumn leaf color spectacle known as the Blue Ridge Mountain range. Being one of the country’s oldest displays, this mountain range has a 5,000-foot elevation change. For this year’s peak color, it is recommended to plan your trip during October or early November. The Blue Ridge Mountain range has a progressive color change that is accordance to elevation. For instance to see the most color in elevation heights greater than 5,000 feet located north of Asheville, the week of October 2nd through the 9th is the prime week to visit. This display of an organic autumn magnum opus ends within the first week of November, specifically November 1st through November 8th.

There are a variety of paths to take to gaze upon the beautiful sights of fall while visiting the Blue Ridge Mountain range that bests suit you. They have scenic routes, motorcycle drives, mountain views, and pet friendly guides. Around the surrounding Asheville area, there will be 40+ fall festivals and events the months of September and October with entertainment ranging from art festivals to apple picking. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Eager to pack up your belongings, hop into your car and journey towards this seasonal experience? Before you do, here are some words from the locals to consider prior to grabbing your hiking gear and running out the door.

  1. Book your room soon. Weekend getaways are likely to be booked well in advance. Looking for a place to stay in the Asheville NC area?

  2. To prevent barging into the overwhelming crowds of visitors and to save some money on your lodging, book Sunday night through Thursday night.

  3. Be prepared to lose cell phone and internet service on hiking trails and waterfalls.

  4. Wearing polarized sunglasses will improve the visual appeal of the fall colors.

  5. Bring meals or snacks. The Blue Ridge Parkway is host to only one restaurant.

  6. If driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle, be sure to hit up the gas station prior to beginning your ride. Access to a gas station during your route is very limited.

  7. In addition to your GPS, a map is necessary.

  8. Have a sweater or jacket handy.

  9. Do not forget your camera. Best times of the day for photo taking are early morning or late afternoon.

  10. For avid bird watchers, bring your binoculars for a greater view.

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