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Clean Up Those Bathroom Bottles When Selling

Decluttering is a wonderful thing when it comes to selling your home. Take an honest look around the bathrooms - are there numerous bottles in all sizes and with lots of competing colors? Consider purchasing a pack of clear bottles and use a chalk pen to write on them. Decant all your goodies into them and sigh with pleasure when it looks nice and neat! I even use one for mouth wash in my bathroom, as well as for body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Here's an example, and you'll love them so much you'll take them with you to your new home!

Ready to discuss the listing process? Call AllstarPowerhouse at 828 333 4483 or contact us here . Get your home's value and be sure to check the square footage and beds and baths the internet thinks your home is! We can work on this for you if it is incorrect. contact us here


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