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FAQs when selling a home

Here are some FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions that come up when selling a home. Preparing properly can help you save money and speed up the process. The programs shown here are featured in a best-selling book by Rowena Patton, used by agents world-wide.

Listing To Closing Process Thank you for the trust you have placed in us to interview to SELL YOUR HOME! 1. Preparing for the listing Here is our listing presentation that we will share with you at the listing. This will give you an overview of our approach:

Here's a video on our CPO or certified pre-owned approach, as featured on WLOS and different news programs around the country.

Rowena Patton teaches this approach to agents around the country. We do not REQUIRE that you do this, however, consider the following: a) The Appraisal allows us to set a price which is defensible to the buyer. This protects you from low-ball offers, the buyer’s agent has something that gives the buyer peace of mind. This costs $500 for an average home. The appraisal is confidential and yours to keep whatever you decide. The results will not be shared with us until you choose to. Call an appraiser of your choosing or for Asheville / Buncombe call Holly Ray at 828 208 6939. If you are in Haywood County call Tracey Magdeburg at 828-926-5303. When you call the appraiser, ask them when they will deliver the finished appraisal. b) The Inspection - when a buyer has an inspection done, they are provided with a 30+ page inspection report with a “needs repair page”. It’s not unusual to see 10-20 items that need repair on there, with $2,000 - $3,000 being the average repair request. When the seller gets the repair request, they have a short time to respond and to negotiate with the seller. Barbara Corcoran, national real estate guru, states that every $1 the seller spends to fix items upfront will save $3 in negotiations. Not only are you likely to see savings in terms of what might be requested, the buyer can ‘walk’ for any reason during due diligence, and get their money back. ‘Repairs needed’ is the common reason for this happening. The inspection costs $400 for an average home. Compare this to the average repair request.

Call an inspector of your choice or Austin Boleman 828-242-7687 to get a pre-inspection - this avoids the common pitfalls of a buyer getting an inspection during the due diligence period and being scared off by a long list of what is often relatively minor things. It also allows you to get quotes should there be any larger items to fix that you don’t know about. c) The Home Warranty is often requested by a buyer’s agent when producing an offer. Offering the home warranty upfront allows the seller to gain some ‘marketing lift’ while marketing the home. The home warranty is not paid until closing, and runs $500-$600 depending on the level that you choose. The home warranty also gives you protection as the seller for the first 6 months while the home is listed, free of charge, with a $100 call-out fee. All in all - offering the Certified Pre-Owned home is like selling a newer home tied up with a bow! The buyers are looking at your home more favorably when comparing, as they have a price determined by an appraiser (who has a degree in appraising in NC), the home has already been inspected, and should anything go wrong with their expensive new purchase in the first 12 months, the home is under warranty. As you can imagine, the buyers’ agents LOVE CPO homes, as it makes their job easier, and their sale more likely.

2. Fill in our mini questionnaire that will help us to market your home. See an example of the finished storyboard. 3. Prepare your home or property.

Thank you for considering the top Home Selling team in North Carolina to sell your home. Here is the listing to closing process, so you can get a more in depth idea of what happens when you list your home. We realize that we are interviewing to sell your home, and you have not yet made a final decision, however, we come prepared to complete the initial listing process the day we meet. We prepare everything ready for the appointment so that we can get you on the MLS immediately - unless it is a Friday appointment!. That way, you lose no time getting your home for sale. The day of the listing appointment with Rowena Patton's All-Star Powerhouse, please have all the lights on, making sure all the bulbs work! It may sound obvious, however until you put all the lights on in the home, you won’t realize that you have a bulb out or two! Please declutter as much as possible. We will take photos and make a video at the listing appointment that day so it helps if laundry is put away and your house is as show ready as possible. Even if you are interviewing a number of agents, we like to have photos and videos ready. Make sure all signers are present - if you are married, or someone else is on the deed, both parties need to be present. Have a spare key ready - check it works well! List your utility amounts - just average per month summer / winter is fine. We need this to take away with us. You can do this on the listing storyboard form above at (2) Connected to city water and/or sewer? Please provide a copy of your bill - if you do not have a copy available at the time of the appointment please send to at your earliest convenience. Septic - please have your septic permit ready. Any changes that are not cosmetic such as a new kitchen etc, please let us know. If you have made any additions that needed permits, please have them ready. List them out, along with what you paid. 4. Facts about your home If there are any facts about your home you would like us to note, please send beforehand to 5. Friend Rowena Patton on Facebook here, if you have a Facebook account:


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