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Flu? Try a hot toddy!

Growing up in the UK, a hot toddy was a go to every time flu season came around. I still turn to a HT when I am in need. The good news is - it tastes good too! For those of you who are tee-totalers - remove the liquor. Recipe below!

  • I teabag

  • Cloves 4+ (I use a handful)

  • Cinnamon sticks (powder if you must)

  • Raw Honey or the other stuff if you must (as much as you like)

  • Lemon juice. Not the stuff with preservatives. Squeeze a lemon if you are up to it. There's also the minute maid version frozen to keep in your freezer for two or three bucks - think it is preservative free and easier when you are sick.

  • Rum, Whiskey, Brandy, Bourbon or whatever brown liquor you like. A shot or two.

Here's how I make one:

Use any kind of tea that you like. Brew tea in your one cup brewer, or throw a teabag in a cup and microwave it. Heck, it's hard to go through a lot when you are feeling under the weather! Add a cinnamon stick (or 3) into the cup before the liquid warms along with 4 (I use a handful) of cloves. Cloves have a numbing effect on your throat (think clove oil on your gums). Add a good dollop of honey and lemon juice. The honey is supposed to help with allergies, and it dumbs down the taste of the lemon juice. It is also an effective cough suppressant. And darn it, it just tastes good. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which is known to support the body's natural defenses and speed up healing. Use orange juice or other citrus if you are out of lemons.

And then be very careful. If you get this right, it will be a go-to drink in the winter. Make it how you like it. Less sweet? Add less honey. Too tart? Add more honey.

Disclaimer - this post is meant for entertainment only, not to diagnose or treat any illness. (had to add that, didn't I?)

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Susan Swanger Zipf
Susan Swanger Zipf
Dec 06, 2019

How much brandy?

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