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Mid Century Modern

Midcentury modern describes a style of architecture, furnishings and design from the middle of the 20th century. Purists state the period is limited to 1947-1957

Depending on the season, there are usually a dozen or more homes available in Buncombe county that fit this time frame - extended out a little to 1940-1960.

Beverly Hills, just a few minutes from downtown, is a good example of this period. Set alongside a golf course, this charming community has become one of the hotspots for buying real estate, with prices averaging $250k-$350k. See homes available in Beverly Hills NC

Another example is Malvern Hills, to the West of Asheville NC. A fairly quiet neighborhood close to downtown, this community offers mature trees and winding roads, with well-kept homes. See homes available in Malvern Hills NC

Lakeview Park, Asheville is another neighborhood to consider if you are thinking about Mid-Century Modern. This neighborhood maybe a little more pricey, as it is in the desirable North Asheville Area, and as can be seen on the map, is bordered on the south by Beaver Lake, a small non-motorized lake which is popular for a morning or evening walk, and to the west, the Country Club of Asheville. Homes available in Lakeview Park, Asheville NC


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