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Short Term Rentals in Buncombe County Limits, or airbnb

The rules change so rapidly, so always check with the city before renting, if you don't want to incur a fine! They may have been updated since writing this. First - check with your HOA or homeowners' association if you have one, to make sure that your covenants and restrictions permit rentals.

Check if your property is in the city of Asheville.

Renting the entire property

Other rules include whether you are renting the entire property, or as the city refers to it a 'unit', which may be a home on your property with its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. If this is the case, you need to check if your property is zoned 'resort' If it is zoned 'resort' then it can be a STVR or STR as the city designates it.Asheville Development Services are available at 828 259 5846 for more information, or email at

If the property is NOT zoned 'resort', and is already operating as a STVR, it needs a STVR permit. New STVRs are banned in most areas, including downtown, however ones that are already permitted are grandfathered in. If there is no permit in place, it is possible to meet with the City Council and request conditional zoning.

Renting part of your home

If you are a long-term resident, and plan to be present in the home at the same time as guests, and rent out 2 rooms or less, your property may qualify as a 'homestay' property. Guest rooms cannot have their own kitchens. Get permit here. Contact Asheville Development Services at 828-259-5846 or

You can ask City Council for conditional zoning to allow STVR.

If your property is not in the city limits: Check with your local government planning department.

  • Buncombe County (This means the property is not inside any town or city): 828-250-4856 or

  • Black Mountain: 828-419-9300 (extension 604) or

  • Woodfin: 828-253-4887 (ext. 1006) or

  • Weaverville: 828- 645-7116 or

  • Biltmore Forest: 828-274-0824 or

  • Montreat: 828-669-8002 (ext. 305) or

  • Outside Buncombe County: Contact local government planning department.


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