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Priority Buyer Program™  - free*

Getting ready for your purchase is critical in today's market. We'll set you up with face-to-face or phone appointments with all the right people 30 days before your planned purchase date. 


  1. We will send you an electronic form so that we can limit the time you have to spend in the office.  Email us here with 'send buyer agency forms' in the subject. You will need an email address for each person who is purchasing; i.e., each person who will be on the deed. 

  2. Full phone buyer consult to explore your needs and goals, after you fill in your requirements here.

  3. Credit Boost™ 3-6 month program to help you improve your credit. Email us here with 'Tell me more about CREDIT BOOST' in the subject line.

  4. Credit Analyzer™ to analyze your credit, with a few simple free steps your credit score could improve a few points - which often skips you into a lower interest rate, and may also lower your insurance and other programs that look at your credit score. Email us here with 'Tell me more about CREDIT BOOST' in the subject line.

  5. We will provide preview videos on up to 2 homes that you choose - before you even get here! For local clients, this can save you time too.

  6. Need to sell? Visit our Priority Seller Program!

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