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Goals and budget planner

Make a copy before you use this.

Income Calculator

For you and your agents if you have a team - MAKE A COPY before you use it!

AllstarCertified Unique Value Proposition

Mike Kranz, MAPS Coach and Rainmaker

“It is important for every real estate agent to have a clear and precise value proposition so that potential customers can clearly see what value the agent is bringing to the table. When we do not have clarity on our value then how is the consumer to have clarity on what we feel is important about our business. It gets down to having us stand apart from our competition as well as creating a central focal point for a team. All working together to achieve a standard of value."

KW Market Centers Map

KW High Level Opportunities

Find high-level opportunities by clicking on the button.

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Referrals Map - use to find people and add yourself

Find people for referrals based on a plethora of information that they present on a map, and even more on a spreadsheet. Add yourself at this link. Use the button to see the map

Coaching Hub

Track your progress and see trends, weekly. Fill in before your coaching call - preferably the day before - and share with your coach so you can both prepare for that valuable 30 minutes on the phone and get the most out of it.

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