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Referrals. We all love them!

This is a FREE list and always will be!
Designed to make referrals more easily and in a more intelligent fashion.


2. See Referral Agents

You will get a link to this when you are on the list. Names are added weekly. We also add you to the intelligent referrals group, where agents are able to make referral decisions based on information.

There are lots of ways to find referrals for agents in different areas. Word of mouth and Facebook to name a few. In the process of administrating a number of Facebook groups for agents and leadership in different roles, Rowena Patton needed a way to verify who was being added to the groups, to protect the integrity of the groups. This is where the referral sheet was born! It is designed to be low-grade design, information only and FREE! 


The founders on the sheet are top agents all around the country, from different agencies. Want to get on the list? It's easy, and FREE!


1) Add yourself to the list. The email that you put on the form, will be the email that the google list is directly shared with.
Use the directory as a supplement to your Facebook and other searches when finding a referral agent




Able to view, not edit the sheet? Names are added weekly. The sheet has to be manually shared with you.

If you are still not able to view, this is usually due to the email you submitted on the form. To edit the form, use the email that you submitted.
This is the email that the sheet has been shared with. Ask the person who uses that email to log in and share it with you directly

(File / Share on the google spreadsheet)


If you just cannot figure it out, message Rowena on Facebook here


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