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Certified One Thing Trainer, 1 Day Workshop
Fortune 500 and other businesses


You want fewer distractions and less on your plate. You want more productivity from your work and more income for a better life. If there was just ONE Thing that could deliver extraordinary results in your work, personal, family and spiritual life, would you do it? Rowena is one of the 'founding 50' certified One Thing Trainers. Events start from $199 per person, minimum 20 people for 'ticket' event. Event fees from $5,000 plus expenses.

MAPS Coaching, 1/2 Hour Weekly
Mega Agents

KW MAPS Coaching’s award-winning mastery program provides personalized coaching, business planning, and high-level accountability for agents pursuing personal evolution and who are committed to growing their business’ bottom line. Developed from models established in Gary Keller’s national bestsellers The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The ONE Thing and SHIFT, Mastery Coaching teaches agents to think a million, earn a million, net a million and receive a million. It is designed for those willing and ready to take their career to the top of the real estate industry. Mastery Coaching offers a personalized experience, elite privileges, exclusivity and high accountability through weekly individual coaching sessions that will maximize your returns. 



Group coaching, 1/2 Hour Weekly
Agents growing their business


Learn about the different seller programs that are the unique value proposition for All-Star Powerhouse, and how to implement them. Suitable for agents who do not wish to become part of the All-Star Referral Network. Available free to Agents and their teams who are part of the network. 


Real Estate training sessions (Non-CES)

Various classes available, same as list for 'Carolina' classes, and may be customized. From $2,000 booking fee for day, plus expenses. You may want to offer ticket sales. Some offices purchase a block of tickets for their ALC or staff, and offer others for sale to real estate professionals not affiliated with KW. $99 good starting fee for ticket.


About Rowena Patton


  • KW Approved Instructor
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist


Rowena brings ten years of management consultancy background to running All-Star Powerhouse at Keller William. She leads the hub office in Asheville NC which lists Residential, Commercial, and land listings across a wide geographic base around the mountains. She is often asked to co-market properties in areas across the US using All-Star Powerhouse's innovative marketing techniques.

Rowena has consulted with household names working at Board level, as well as forming her own marketing and sales companies in the UK and US.


All-Star Powerhouse founder, Patton was awarded #1 position for the Carolinas region for first year of business and #3 worldwide in the same category for Keller Williams who employ over 100,000 agents worldwide. Since then, her business has increased each year and she now runs the #1 team in the Mountains.



Book classes in the Carolinas here


Rowena teaches all around the country, please contact us directly if you are not in the Carolinas at 828 210 1648, or use the contact form below.


Consulting - win more sellers and buyers with your unique programs

Rowena consults once a week for members of the All-Star Powerhouse network. Agents learn about all the seller and buyer programs that can be offered to clients, and how to use those programs as their UVP - Unique Value Proposition.  


This program is particularly useful to rainmakers with a team, and those wishing to bring on listing agents - the seller programs can be used as a 'springboard' to help them win more sellers. Their listing agents and lead buyer agents can join the coaching group if desired, which covers how to use one program each session.The seller and buyer programs can be coupled with the CRM / Lead Producer - Seize The Market if wish, depending on the level of engagement desired.


One Day Training Programs
1. One day class: MegaListing Success For agents who want more listings
1) CES roster  2) Exercise sheets  4) Online Evaluation  4) Course evaluation PDF
  • DISC - are listings your thing? What's your one thing?

  • Listing Storyboard

  • Certified Pre-Owned homes

  • Find your unique selling proposition (USP)

  • Win more listings

  • Learn about many of the programs shown here


Preparation for class
  • Students will bring notebook computer if they have one (not necessary).

  • All students must take the DISC assessment before the class, and have the 'natural and adaptive' score sheet printed and with them. If your office does not have unlimited availablity, direct students to this link

  • Google presentation will be loaded on mc computer. 

  • Speakers are necessary as well as an internet connection for videos and presentation. Link will be shared with you for the presentation when you book. 

  • Please have fresh dry eraser pens, as well as a white board or flip chart available. We suggest having sponsors provide lunch in-house. 


2. One day class: MegaTeam Building Foundation I
1) CES roster  2) Exercise sheets  4) Online Evaluation  4) Course evaluation PDF

For agents who want to build a team and those who already have one. Also for individual agents who want to figure out which part of real estate suits their style and natural behavioral tendencies.


Part I of two days, must be taken before II


  • DISC - are you in your JOY ZONE?

  • Your UVP (you can take this 10 times over....)

  • What's your vision?

  • Your career so far - the clues

  • Your career vision / future life


3. One day class: MegaTeam Building II - on a firm foundation
1) CES roster  2) Exercise sheets  4) Online Evaluation  4) Course evaluation PDF

For agents who want to build a team and those who already have one. Also for individual agents who want to figure out which part of real estate suits them.


Part II of two days, must have taken I first


  • MREA model for building a team

  • Ups and downs

  • Rowena Patton shares her 7 year experience in two mega teams and now in expansion

  • Expansion teams


4. One day class: Google Heaven
1) CES roster  2) Exercise sheets  4) Online Evaluation  4) Course evaluation PDF

For agents who want to build their own listing storyboard, use google docs to the full, understand what google owns and how it all links together. Leverage all the basic hard work you do out into the universe.....



  • Creating the documents, presentations, drawings etc in the google drive

  • leveraging what you have created

  • How all the google docs talk to each other

  • Create a blogger blog


5. What does a CRM do: for teams and more advanced agents
1) CES roster  2) Exercise sheets  4) Online Evaluation  4) Course evaluation PDF

Understanding the power of what a CRM or Customer Relationship Management System can do, takes agents through a complete version of SeizeTheMarket to pull back the curtains to see what CRMs can do for you. We'll briefly discuss the top CRMS and which ones to audition!


  • Front end lead producer website

  • Managing your team and knowing what everyone is doing with dashboards

  • Sphere

  • Past Clients

  • Referrals

  • Seller Leads

  • Buyer Leads

  • Listing Management

  • Contract-to-Close

  • Keep in Touch

  • Special Dates


Keller Williams is a Learning-Based Company 
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