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Need your NC license?
1) Cumbie and Trull
2) AB Tech

Are you Talented?  Energetic?  Service-Oriented? Want more leads than you can handle? Twiddling your thumbs wondering how to kick-start your real estate career? Like the idea of structure in your career, backed with admin help for support? Are you already a top agent and want to join a top team? Are you looking for an office-based role with or without a license (see Inside Sales Agent role below)

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Top agent teams are different - they didn't come by their top spot easily. The average agent sells 6 homes a year - the average top agent sells more like 200+ homes per year. Consider the experience and buying power volume brings, and join a business group with experience.


  • Team Lead

  • Lead Buyer Agents

  • Transaction Manager

  • Listing Manager

  • Lead Listing Agents

  • Call Center Manager

  • ISA / OSA - call center staff 



Inside Sales Agent Role

Looking for "the next big thing?" Well, this is it! Are you wanting a chance to earn unlimited income with stability?

Receive a salary (plus commission!) in real estate while serving as an inside sales agent (ISA). To be specific, this is much more of a service role than it is a sales role. This role involves leadership, management, a great eye for detail, a strong commitment to systems, and a friendly/personable demeanor on the phone.

There's no better way to create great wealth in a vibrant culture!

The inside service/sales agent (ISA) serves as a hybrid of roles.

  • Must possess exceptional phone skills and be unafraid to talk to anyone (we'll teach you the things to say and the questions to ask).

  • Must be extremely detail-oriented and dedicated to systems.

  • Must work well within a team as well as independently.

  • Must be willing to have accountability conversations on a regular basis.

  • Must be hyper-focused on meeting and exceeding goals through conversations with potential clients.

  • Must have a desire for a big life.

We're not interested in someone who just wants to sell houses. We're interested in someone who loves making connections and is interested in more of an office-based role, at least to start.

A great ISA has thicker skin - a superb eye for detail - and is passionate to make an impact on their world.

If you crave being in a vivacious workplace and you want a big life, then this could be the place for you.

Note - Hard work will be handsomely rewarded. Also, know that we hire on character and we can train skill... so let's talk!


  • Oversee the systems and protocol for the customer and client experience.

  • Supervise and manage agents to ensure they are delivering quality service throughout the transaction.

  • Manage the customer experience through serving as a concierge for potential home buyers and sellers. This involves numerous phone calls, emails, and text messages daily, as well as picking up calls from folks who want to sell and buy their property.

  • 40 - 50% of the job entails conversations with potential buyers/sellers AND agents on the team.

  • A wicked passion for creating and delivering a system of success will craft some unlimited wealth for you.

  • Always looking for ways to improve current systems.


  • NO real estate experience needed

  • Must obtain your NC real estate license for employment (we'll show you how) - or you may have one already.

  • Must fit into the AllstarPowerhouse culture

  • Passionate

  • Confident on the phone

  • Patience

  • Fun-loving

  • Hard-working

  • Compassionate

  • Personable

  • Resilient

  • Energetic

  • Intelligent

  • Flexible

  • Ambitious

  • Team-oriented


$40,000 - $100,000 / yr. Base salary + commission (when licensed)

401k after first year 

This role is based in-office 9-5pm Mon-Fri with 3 hours evening/weekend expected.

About AllstarPowerhouse

The energy is contagious - the people are incredible - and the opportunity for growth is unmatched.

AllstarPowerhouse is in the business of helping people. We just happen to sell real estate.

We have a best selling book on selling homes (search Rowena Patton on Amazon) as well as an 11yr long radio show every Saturday at 10am.

See our programs at 

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Rowena Patton, AllstarPowerhouse

Call 828 333 4483 to set up a discovery call.

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