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Are you Talented?  Energetic?  Service-Oriented? Want more leads than you can handle? Twiddling your thumbs wondering how to kick-start your real estate career? Like the idea of structure in your career, backed with admin help for support? Are you already a top agent and want to join a top team? Tired of splitting with your team AND your brokerage and would prefer ONE split?

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Pre-sales - our 90 unit new home development
real estate news radio show
Weekly radio show since 2011

Top agent teams are different - they didn't come by their top spot easily. The average agent sells 6 homes a year - the average top agent sells more like 200+ homes per year. Consider the experience and buying power volume brings, and join a business group with experience.


  • Team Lead

  • Lead Buyer Agents

  • Transaction Manager

  • Listing Manager

  • Lead Listing Agents

  • Call Center Manager

  • ISA / OSA - call center staff 


Overview of hiring process - HR Director will send you a short assessment to complete to look at the best role fit. It's fun, and you will get a free 72 page report! OR you can short circuit this step by filling in the Joy Zone quiz at the top of this page.

Step 1: Attendance at our main team meeting on Wednesday Morning 9-10.30. This is an opportunity to view the team in action, and for them to meet you. If both parties agree the conversation should be continued, we move to step 2 and 3, whenever it is convenient. 

Step 2: A Comprehensive interview with our Team Leader (1 hour)

Step 3: 2.5 hour "tryout" on our phone system (2.5 hours)

Step 4: 30 day trial with clear set goals and objectives

All-Star Powerhouse

All-Star systems will have you up and running in no time. From their full Customer Relationship System (CRM) and Lead producing website to their award-winning radio show back up and tools that sellers and buyers have been waiting for. Listing Storyboard wows sellers and buyers and the All-Star automated Certified Pre-Owned approach will give you the winning edge. Contact All-Star Powerhouse to explore the full set of tools in a box that will give you the springboard you need to dominate your market. See the programs at



Development is a core element toward our pursuit of mastery. We have career tracks with clear goals set, and expectations of training events that you will attend. Rowena is a Certified Trainer and Faculty trainer, and partners with Peter Pessetto in a national coaching company, which local agents get to participate in.


Constant flow of leads, with a leading CRM with the tools to tell you what they are really looking for!



Seize the huge opportunity with a career track planned out with you, founded on a proven, award-winning foundation you can rely on.  Profit share and partner with one of the fasted growing and committed real estate business teams in the country.  Join us at this ground level opportunity to profit share in our business. 



At All-Star Powerhouse, we have a fierce family atmosphere, although (currently) there are no blood relations! Our baseline is having true mastery in real estate - we believe that should be a 'given'. Not only do we need talented individuals that want to operate at the highest level - we want to do that with individuals that know what F-U-N means.



All-Star Powerhouse is a top-tier business, and on the Wall Street Journal top 250 business teams in the US.



Top tier CRM and many programs to utilize as a Unique Value Proposition, based on the best selling book written by our founder.



Rowena Patton founded the mega-team in Asheville North Carolina. Proven methods, systems and values offer you a 14+ year building base on which to build your vision.