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Steps To A Successful Listing

1. Please enter the details about your home at this link
2. Set your home up as Certified Pre-owned.  
It's best to meet when you have these key components in your hand - especially the appraisal. It takes about 10 days for the appraiser to come out and send back your appraisal so please book asap. Our listing agent can have a much more intelligent conversation with you at that point!
Contact an Appraiser and an Inspector. Choose your own or contact:
Inspector: Austin Boleman, Affordable Inspections - enter your details bottom right, or email Austin at 242-7687
Appraiser: Steve Gerber - - (828) 658-9100

A CPO home comprises three main elements, which include the following:

One: Up-front Appraisal

The professional appraisal provides an objective, dependable price for the home, and replaces the traditional CMA, which is often produced by agents of differing abilities and perspectives.


Two: Up-front Inspections

Any items that come up on the pre-listing inspection are taken care of by the seller, on the seller’s terms. This reduces the chance of stressful, last minute negotiations that often occur once the home is under contract - and can result in a buyer easily walking out on that contract.\

Three: Home Warranty

The home warranty covers repair of many units, systems and their components that frequently break down and need repair during the first, expensive year of ownership.

Once these three elements are implemented, the buyer is now purchasing a home that (1) has a professional market value via the Appraisal, (2) has no known issues and (3) will be covered, should issues occur during the first year of ownership.

Why We Developed The CPO Listing

CPO puts the seller in the driver’s seat, by addressing and removing roadblocks which almost always show up during the average contract negotiation. This becomes especially important to sellers once they realize that up to one-third of contracts fail. Once a property goes under contract, it is essentially off the market - and at that point, few buyers, if any, are considering it. Should a contract fail, that valuable sales time has been wasted. In addition, a home which failed to close can, and often does develop a ‘stigma’ in the eyes of other potential buyers, who may ask themselves - and their agent - why that contract failed!

The CPO process results in a higher probability of the property being sold, while reducing stress during the transaction for all parties. To understand how it works, it’s helpful to revisit what happens during an average traditional real estate transaction:

Key Benefits Of The Program: CPO Assists:

  • Buyers making an offer on a home, knowing that the sellers have done all of their due diligence up-front.

  • Buyer agents, who make an offer that is more likely to become a firm contract that ends in a home sale, and know they’re placing their buyers into a transaction which will generate much less stress.

  • Sellers who do the work up-front, and will likely enjoy selling their home with less stress, faster, and for more money

  • Attorneys, transaction managers and other real estate providers who handle a much cleaner transaction, and can focus on more important aspects of a sale, instead

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