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AllStarPowerHouse Business Groups:
  • Offer real estate at a higher level with more value

  • Have a system that their agents and staff can use, to free them up from every day real estate, and leave them to work ON instead of IN their business

  • Have a huge portfolio of seller programs that win listings

  • Benefit from a weekly coaching program

  • Benefit from systems and processes to handle the seller programs


You or your team look like:
  •  An existing, high-producing team at 20m+ with a rainmaker who wants to concentrate on building the business or reaching 7th level and paticularly needs help coaching new listing agents

  • Maybe a 'young' team who wants to grow

  • Teams who want coaching + lead generation + powerful CRM with a dashboard to check progress.


What Next? Email

Join a webinar for Seize The Market

  • No need to give up 'ownership' - all rights retained by current rainmaker of team

  • Seller Program website

  • Documents and systems to use

  • Coaching and training for staff and agents

  • Use of the logo and network

  • AllStarPowerHouse will be the #1 network for high level agents - those in the top few % in their market in the US

Training Programs and Teaching
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