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411 Dillingham CircleAsheville, NC 28805 - MLS #3318975 - Priced Below Appraisal!

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"Seller Says"

The things I love about Asheville are the friendly people, the beautiful mountains, and the changing seasons.

We love to eat at Athens Pizza in Swannanoa. Locally owned, great pizza, Greek salads, sub's. East Village Grill in Oteen, also locally owned.

Grocery stores are within a very short driving distance. Ingles in Swannanoa and Oteen, plus several other smaller places to shop.

When we bought the property we were draw to the beauty, serenity of the area.

This area of Asheville is so beautiful. Lots of hiking areas, close to the beautiful Warren Wilson College campus. Lots of nature, wild Turkeys, rabbits, lots and lots of Mountain Blue Birds and Cardinals.

This area is very peaceful, lots nature to enjoy. Your neighbors are like family, everyone looks out for each other, helps when someone's in need. Most of your neighbors are life long residents.

We love to walk, stop and chitchat with our neighbors. Enjoy everything nature has too offer with the changing seasons.

Our neighborhood is great for friendly neighbors, most of whom have lived here their entire life, and are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Our utility cost are very reasonable, average monthly electrical is $85.00 with Duke Power. Asheville Water monthly average is $30.00. Oil bill averages about $275.00 yearly.

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