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Covenants and Restrictions at Rumbling Bald Lake Lure NC

Frequently asked questions -

NOTE THAT these may have changed at the time of reading - ALWAYS check with your agent and attorney before making decisions based on any online reading as documents are subject to change.

Here are a few excerpts from the current Covenants and Restrictions at the time of writing, which come up as common questions. To find these in full - click on the link above and use Control F on a PC or Command F (Mac) to find these sections in full.


The recreational amenities presently, consisting of 18-hole golf course, country club and related facilities are an integral part of the community and their maintenance as an operating facility affects the property value and community desirability for all property owners, accordingly as part of the plan of development, the P.O.A. has contracted with the Fairfield Mountains Country Club (hereinafter referred to as CLUB), as owner and operator of the above referenced recreational amenities, to provide that all members of the P.O.A. shall automatically become Social members of the Club as part of their membership in the P.O.A.

On Single Family Detached lots no residential building shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any lot other than one (1) detached single family dwelling not to exceed two and one-half (2 1/2) stories in height and private garages for the occupants' vehicles and other outbuildings incidental to the residential use of the lot.

11. Construction of Buildings. No building, fence, wall, improvement, change to landscaping, TV satellite dishes or shortwave, CB, radio or TV antenna systems, or other structure shall be commenced, erected, or thereafter maintained upon the properties, nor shall any exterior additions or modifications of any existing structure be commenced, erected or thereafter maintained until the plans and specifications have been first submitted to and approved the Architectural Control Committee (hereafter also referred to as ACC).


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