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Demo the brass and spruce up that home with modern knobs!

I have now personally used these knobs to replace old worn out, and brass knobs in different homes, including my office. They are new knobs that I recommend - they are locking, however there are enough in the pack that will re-do most average sized homes, and at a great price! The egg knob style is transitional, and works in most settings. Door knobs are just one of those things that you don't really notice, that make a big impression in terms of modernizing your home. The egg style is timeless! They also come in different sized sets, so if you need a 12 set or 20 set you can easily order very economically.

What about the hinges I hear you say! You can use metal spray to coat them - just leave the door ajar while they dry, or replace the old brass for new stainless. I've painted quite successfully! Ready to discuss the listing process? Call AllstarPowerhouse at 828 333 4483 or contact us here . Get your home's value and be sure to check the square footage and beds and baths the internet thinks your home is! We can work on this for you if it is incorrect. contact us here


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