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211 Fayetteville Street, Asheville, NC 28806

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Remodeled cottage on a desirable corner lot on Fayetteville Street, close to everything in hot ‘West Asheville’! Hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, cute front porch accentuates the curb appeal.

Ceilings upstairs are approx 6’8”. The bathroom is remodeled, and there is a dining nook off the kitchen.

The side door opens into an entry room off the kitchen, with a washer dryer hookup. Lots of room at the back for parking. West Asheville offers many independent restaurants, breweries, record shops, vintage clothing and other independent boutiques that create this bohemian environment loved by so many.

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“Seller Says”

This cute little house at 211 Fayetteville St. was a home for my daughter (now 30 years old) for 4+ years. I went in search of something where I thought she would be safe as a then single woman. Not that the Asheville area is unsafe, however all the parents out there know that we are always diligent these days!

During the first half of that time she lived here with her boyfriend, and they had frequent friend gatherings in this happy home. She worked 131 Main Restaurant in Biltmore Square Park the whole time, and arriving home late at night never concerned her, she loved this quiet, off-the-main-road neighborhood and the quick, easy access to 26 & 240. She has now moved out of state so it's time to release this happy little house to it's next family!

Our favorite restaurants in West Asheville that you should try:

Here is a list of the improvements I've completed since she moved out:

  • New carpet upstairs

  • New blower motor and servicing the heat pump (providing heat & AC) The unit uses non-toxic, puron for the AC (not freon)

  • Prior to her moving in we got new water heater, hardwood floors and energy-efficient windows.


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Susan Swanger Zipf
Susan Swanger Zipf
Feb 18, 2020

The perfect home for a down-sizing couple or retired couple. So cute!


Nicole Horne
Nicole Horne
Aug 16, 2019

the location is great. This home is a great starter home for an individual or a small family.


Chrystal Kalsbeck Wyse
Chrystal Kalsbeck Wyse
May 15, 2019

Wonderful location and adorable!


Mar 12, 2019

Adorable home in hot West Asheville NC - at a great price! Plenty of room for expansion.


Beverly McFadden Young
Beverly McFadden Young
Nov 14, 2018

211 Fayetteville St in West Asheville is a great little house for a great little price! Close to everything downtown.

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