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23 Tuskeegee Street Asheville, NC 28801 MLS ID#: 3650769

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Priced $86k below appraisal Full CPO home (in progress) 23 Tuskeegee is FULL of character and charm, and has been fully remodeled to take this 1915 charmer to a 3 bedroom home with each bedroom being its own private suite. Close to everything downtown Asheville NC, Tuskegee is 28801! Unusually for a home of this era, there is an owners suite on the main level - complete with a copper claw foot tub and a huge closet. The floors are heart pine throughout the home.

A summer room that is heated and cooled has been added along one side, as well as the two bathrooms upstairs, complete with a private deck off each so you can give your guests that wow factor! Lots of room in the basement for storage, with the new additions creating room underneath.

3 fireplaces in the kitchen and bedrooms add more charm, and an additional full bath plus laundry in the entry mudroom. Great double lot #s39 &40 with privacy and lots of great plantings.

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