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7 Steps To Getting Your Property Sold - NOW! The shifting Market

Time to PUSH!

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I know you have limited time, so here's my quick steps to getting sold! The market is shifting, homes at higher price points are sitting longer, and there are lists of price drops every day.

Check out homes under contract and sold here - filter by your price and area.

Here's a video on what I believe to be the shifting real estate market we are in.



Asheville / Buncombe county 2nd quarter comparison of 2017 / 2018 - things have shifted more since this time...

  • Number of sales down over 9% in the City of asheville

  • Almost 6% down in Buncombe county.

  • Continuation of 1st quarter trend

  • Median sale price continues to rise by over 8% in Asheville and almost 6% in Buncombe County. Highest median price on record at $325k in the city and $290k in the County, making affordability a problem.

  • Interest rate hike in September 2018, predictions of 3 more rate hikes to follow, again hitting affordability.

  • Average Days on Market rose by almost 9% in the City and 11% in the county.

  • When inventory levels are below 6 months - considered a buyers market.

  • City levels are still below 6 months - if slightly. in most places below 600k and 400k in the County. HOWEVER - it creeps down from the top without us noticing.

  • However - inventory levels are higher compared to 2017, caused by more homes on the market and fewer sales.

Check out homes under contract and sold here - filter by your price and area. Once you have honed in on homes near you, save the search for daily, weekly or monthly alerts - you choose!

Already listed? Follow the 7 steps....

ONE: Make sure you have emotionally detached from the property, really, I've seen it make the difference! Start packing and store as many contents as possible, or put them in your garage. People understand you are moving. Be open to showing times.

TWO: If you haven't already completed the CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) process, do it now, it's not too late. It's the reason that we sell more homes, 1500 so far. You don't have to do CPO - however - it works!

THREE: Get a drone video if you don't already have one, and your property is appropriate for a drone. It's expected these days, especially at higher price points.

FOUR: Reduce the price if you haven't had a showing in 2 weeks.

FIVE: Make sure your SIRP is active. Contact me for details.

SIX: Visit your Listing Storyboard (use search bar at top of and make sure you have made a comment, as well as sharing it with your family and friends.

SEVEN: Check out our seller programs at and make sure you are taking advantage of all of them. Based on the best selling book on SELLING HOMES - don't you want your home to be a best seller? 

Not yet listed?


ONE: Fill in your listing storyboard here (USA only)

TWO: Tell us what we need for your listing so we can speed up the appointment here (USA only)

Have you had a chance to check out our award-winning programs for sellers?

For example:

  • Weekly Radio show that is heard locally on the radio, as well as being syndicated through the IHeartRadio app (similar to Pandora) - see more at

  • CPO or Certified pre-owned, where you appraise, inspect and offer a home warranty, that brings 2-4% more on your home sale, and gives the contract a greater probability of success. Did you know that with NON-CPO homes, the contracts drop out about a third of the time? More here

  • LISTING STORYBOARD, comprised of a walking-tour video of your home, as well as an interview with you and comments from your family and friends - which we are happy to organize. More here - feel free to get yours started!

  • 25% REDUCTION IN LISTING FEE - POLICE - FIRE - HEALTHCARE - TEACHERS - VETERANS - even better, we offer a 25% rebate from our commission to your buyers!

  • See all of our programs here, including a video if you prefer to 'watch'!

I look forward to meeting you, and sharing how we sell more homes! Feel free to reach out directly should you have any questions. My private cell is 828 423 9315 - easy to get me by text.

PS - did you know we have more than 20 AllstarCertified agents around the country? Check out the red stars at

Rowena Patton

Text me: 828 423 9315

Call the office - 828 333 4483, book an appt. today, or ask questions

Check out homes under contract and sold here - filter by your price and area. Once you have honed in on homes near you, save the search for daily, weekly or monthly alerts - you choose!


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