Making an offer on a property - the process

You are likely to have many questions when considering an offer on a home in North Carolina. There is a useful guide of frequently asked questions or FAQs compiled by the real estate commission that you can find here.

It will provide answers to your questions such as:

Q: I have found a home I am interested in buying. How do I make an offer to purchase it?

Q: Does my offer to purchase have to be in writing?

Q: What should be in my offer?

Q: Must my offer include earnest money?

Q: How will my offer be communicated to the seller?

Q: How does acceptance occur?

Q: Once the seller has signed my offer, does it become a contract?

Q: How will I be notified of the seller’s acceptance of my offer?

Q: What if the seller changes my offer in some way and then signs it?

Q: What happens if someone else makes an offer to purchase the property before the seller accepts my offer?

Q: What else might happen to my offer after I submit it to the seller?

Q: What happens if the sales transaction does not close?

Q: The seller has accepted my offer but the resulting contract requires that certain things (loan approval, inspections) be done by a certain date. What happens if they are not completed by this date?

Q: Once I have entered into a contract with the seller, is there any way I can cancel it?

Q: Are there ways to purchase real estate other than using the standard offer to purchase and contract?

Find the answers - useful guide of frequently asked questions or FAQs compiled by the real estate commission find here.

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