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Using Your Search Feature to find the home you REALLY want!

Over 95% of people now search online for a home. It makes sense - a great chance to search online for that perfect home, before spending all that time touring homes.

Spend some time on the preparation of the search set up when you start looking, to save so much time in the car! Our website offers a search that is almost as good as the one that agents use on the MLS! Here's how to set it up.

There are step by step instructions below the video.

1. Log into your account on your local website, for Asheville NC for example, this can be found at

2. Click on Saved Searches. This will show the searches that you have already saved. Every time that you take time searching on homes, spend time honing in on your search, and then hit SAVE SEARCH.

The save search button is the blue one at the top of every search you make. This can be for one property, or for thousands.

Once you have saved the search that you love, perhaps you are also searching for something slightly different, such as land to build a home on. There is no limit on how many searches that you can save!

Each one of these saved searches will email you properties that match that search criteria, when there is a price reduction, or a new property put on the market. Or you can choose not to get emails, and just use the 'saved search' feature to look it up each time.

How to find these searches in future

When you are logged into the site, you will see 'saved searches' at the top. When you click on this, the list of searches that you have saved will pop up. This also works on your phone.

A list will now come up of the searches that you have saved.

You can now click on 'Manage Saved Searches' at the bottom and manage your searches.

This will even allow you to set the frequency of your searches - once a month? No problem! Click on the blue title of the search to bring up all the properties, and use advance searching to edit it if you want to (see below)

If you have already purchased a home, set your search for your street, zip code or neighborhood, to see what homes are selling for around you - set to once a month for a monthly report. You can find this option in 'Type' - see image below.

To hone in on your search, click on MORE top right (see image) and then on MORE OPTIONS on that same box bottom left.

More Options brings up these features. Remember that in a low inventory market, when there are not many homes around to suit your needs, it is best to cast the web wide to start off with. The 'more options' feature provides you with a search that is similar to what agents use. Choose the KEY features you are looking for - the options that listing agents can list are limited, so you may lose some homes if you click on too many!

Remember, we can do all of this for you. All it takes is a call to 828 210 1648, or email to!

Looking forward to helping you find a home.


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