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J Bertram King - 'Bertie' Designed Mid Century Homes in Asheville NC

The Architect

Many a home in Asheville NC and surrounding areas, was designed by the architect affectionately known as Bert King, Asheville's most prolific architect of Mid Century homes, as well as many commercial buildings. His clean and simple style favored the use of stone and wood to blend in with the natural surroundings of the mountains. James Bertram King grew up in Asheville. On returning home from world war II, King graduated with honors from the School of Design at NC State University, in 1949 with a Degree in Architectural Engineering. King worked with famed architect, Henry Gaines, then moved on to join Six Associates and Lindsey Gudger. In 1952 he opened J. Bertram King Associates. From 1952 until his retirement in 1994, his style was sought after throughout Asheville and other surrounding areas. Among his awards, King received the Fellow Award from American Institute of Architecture; and in 1968, the Institute gave J. Bertram King Associates an award for the 1964 design of Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church and College Chapel.#AshevilleArchitect #Architect


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