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Homes that are 'Coming Soon'

When an All-Star agent is listing a seller’s home, the Coming Soon program gives potential buyers the advantage of knowing that home will be on the market soon. Who wants to miss out on a home just because they can’t see it on the MLS yet?

This program is one of my favorites especially in a market where there’s not a lot of inventory. It’s great for buyers to know which homes are about to come on the market, especially if they are not locally-based.

Sometimes our sellers aren’t quite ready, or their lives aren’t quite where they want them to be, or they are cleaning up the house to get it ready for listing. We’ll go ahead and get the listing paperwork signed, we’ll take some simple pictures or write a few words and we’ll put it on our coming soon program.

That means that buyers out there at least know that this house is upcoming, so they have greater selection from which to choose. We have a way for them to register their interest, whether they are an agent or even the buyer agent or the buyer.

You can see an example of the Coming Soon program in Asheville, NC, at

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