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Commercial, or Residential Opportunity in Swannanoa

Black Mountain Studios is a popular artists' studio that features a resident potter in place for many years. Next door is a simple home that is also included, that has possibilities as a storage place or to be used as a rental, should it be further finished out. There is also a manufactured home on the site, that is currently used for storage, also included in the listing.

The main property boasts wonderful long-range views, with the building, a modified residence, split into 3 main areas, downstairs, the main studio for customers, along with a separated potter's workspace, and then kilns outside (also included). Upstairs is a studio apartment.

"Seller's Say"

Black Mountain Studios is a destination gallery located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. It is well worth the drive!  However, if you cannot make it to our gallery, we have this website up just for you. We package and ship our products nationwide.

About our gallery: we represent over 100 local and national artists.  All of the art we carry is handmade in America and are of the highest quality. When you buy from us, you are purchasing the finest crafts available. Our gallery is also attached to our studio, where we make hand-thrown and built pottery inspired by nature. Our signatures are our green ash glaze, bark texture, and ladybugs! When you visit, feel free to check out the studio and ask us questions about our craft and process. Also check out our pond and waterfall feature out front!

We are the home of the Carolina Flaming Rocks. Each rock is an original piece that varies in color and shape from the rest of them. They are all hand-shaped, drilled, and sealed. Wicks are made in-house.

Our staff is wonderful and willing to help you find that perfect item. 

Maud and Austin Boleman are the owners of the studio and creators of the Black Mountain Studio line of pottery.

Maud has been making pottery for over 25 years.  She moved to the mountains of western North Carolina to open the studio and play in clay. She loves getting her "old" hands dirty.

Austin loves playing with fire and has also been making art over three decades.  His love for fire has led him to study many of the raku processes.  His latest study was with David Roberts in Italy.  He did an intensive study to further develop his skills with "lost raku or naked raku".  In addition to his vessel forms, he is making amazing body forms.  

Doug is our general manager. Doug started working at Black Mountain Studios early in 2011.  He quickly caught on to our process and has become a clay artist in his own right. In addition to his clay work, he supervises the gallery with love and excellence!  

Shonie is our gallery manager. If you need to know if we have something in stock, Shonie will help.  If you want to custom order a particular piece we do not have on hand, she will assist you with special and custom orders. Shonie is also an amazing photographer in her own right. 

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