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Don't Back Down From The Light!

Before and after.......

If you are considering a 70's home, replete with dark wood panelling (light and airy when installed) that has 'oranged' over the years, like Aunt Samantha who sun-baked a little too much slathered with baby oil and shaded by a foil reflector, some white paint might be all you need!

I recently upgraded my own kitchen, from ten-year old natural cherry cabinets that had taken on that "orange you glad to see me" look, and with a weekend and a gallon of paint and some fresh new brushed bronze architectural handles, transformed it with a modern look.

Now for the major paint makeovers - one of the best examples I have seen of this is the home of Tom Petty's estate, for sale in 2018. Tom rebuilt this home in 1989, after it was destroyed by a fire, in a style described as 'Big Bear cabin-meets-Trousdale Estates'. The current developers acquired this bank-owned property for $2,575,000, and with some largely cosmetic improvements, gallons of paint and stain, removing some awnings, and adding a few modern appliances, now have it for sale at a cool $5 million.

Post the pictures of your paint renovations below, if you would like to be featured in an upcoming article.

Before and after: The kitchen

Before and after: The Living Room

Before and after: Exterior


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