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Getting Ahead of the Real Estate Crowd: Unique Value Proposition book for Agents

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This book is for my beloved granddad, Ronald Patton, who threw me into ‘the deep end’ at such a young age, knowing I would swim.

Find the link to the book on Amazon at

This book is written for real estate Agents who wish to convert more ‘home browsers’ to home Buyers, and more ‘home value-checkers’ to home Sellers.

It’s for those agents wanting to convert more prospects into clients, and more clients into ‘forever clients,’ who provide repeat and referral business throughout an agent’s career. One avenue to do this is through being able to offer something of value that is different, apart from the rest of the real estate crowd.

In order to thrive, everyone in real estate - or any business for that matter - needs a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). A well-rounded UVP identifies the target customers (audience), defines what is being offered, and how that offer solves a problem - as well as how it is different to the existing alternative (if that alternative exists).

An Agent’s UVP is often derived from their passion - that which drives them to take action throughout the course of their lives. The UVP is usually already present, buried under the layers and ‘noise of life.’ We all have a passion for something; still, it’s surprising to find how that energy can also be re-examined, and harnessed to provide a stronger foundation in your real estate business. What’s more, looking back and constructing a new foundation (with building blocks that are really already there) makes it easy - and even fun for an Agent to do - as in many senses, they are already doing it!

This is good news, when one considers the importance of Agents having a UVP in this crowded marketplace - something on that first phone call, or meeting which clearly sets them apart, and makes them the ‘agent of choice.’

Contents (see more at

“The Value of Values” - Introduction by Dave Ulrich 4

Introduction 9

My Big ‘Why’ 11

How The Book Is Organized 13

Chapter 1: Finding Your Unique Value Proposition 15

Let’s Define a Term: ‘Givens’ 15

The Unique Value Proposition Test: ‘80% and the ‘So What’ RULES 17

1. The 80% RULE 18

2: The ‘So What’ RULE 18

Scenarios and Scripts - Leverage Your UVP 19

A framework for creating YOUR Unique Value Proposition 21

UVP - The Three Building Blocks: Affinity Audience, Content Library and

Programs 21

Building Block 1. Affinity Audience 21

Geography 22

Your Previous Work Experience and Connections 22

Cultural Heritage 23

Language 24

Your Interests and hobbies 24

Familial status 25

Real Estate Specialization 25

Building Block 2: Creating Marketing Strategies and Systems designed to

shift a ‘transactional relationship’ viewpoint into long-term client

relationships. 27

Marketing Beyond ‘One on one’ - Getting answers out of your head, and

onto paper 27

Building your content library - MARKETING 28

Building Block 3: Providing you with Programs that anticipate common

real estate obstacles to success, before they happen. 30

Applying The ‘So What’ rule 31

Commission Cutting as a UVP 31

Chapter 2: AllStarCertified’s UVP Programs 32

An Overview of The Programs 33

Program 1: Love It Or Leave It Guarantee 33

“I can’t go around selling homes for free” 34

Love It Or Leave It Scenario 34

Why we offer the Love It or Leave It Guarantee. 35

How the The Love It or Leave It Guarantee came about 35

How our Love it or Leave It Guarantee appears online and in print. 35

Program 2: Homes For Heroes - a Program of Giving 36

Why we use Homes For Heroes 37

How Homes For Heroes came about 38

Typical Homes For Heroes Script - (Format / Italics, etc. / Uniform w Book)


How it works when you are starting your Giving Program 39

Ashley Wilson 39

Nick Shivers 39

Adrienne Lally 40

Program 3: Certified Pre-Owned (CPO): The Listing Of The Future 40

What Is Certified Pre-Owned? 41

Why We Developed the CPO Listing 41

Traditional Real Estate Scenario 42

How CPO came about 43

How The CPO Program Works 44

Element 1: The Appraisal 44

The Appraisal as Part of the Traditional Real Estate Scenario 45

Why we use the upfront Appraisal approach 46

Buyers’ Unfamiliarity with Market Conditions 46

An Appraisal can identify which remodeling or repair will bring the most

return 46

Element 2: The ‘up-front’ Inspection 46

CPO and Traditional Scenario: Comparison of Costs Involved 48

Sellers may choose to disclose issues instead of fixing them 49

Getting the up-front inspection on the home 49

Element 3: What is ‘The Home Warranty? 50

Additional benefit of coverage for Sellers, while the home is listed 50

Home Warranty companies claim the Warranty helps the home sell faster

and for more money 51

Typical CPO SCRIPT For Sellers 51

Mark Ramsey 57

Program 4: The Listing Storyboard - Bringing A Listing To Life 58

Sections of the Listing Storyboard 58

1. The Walking-Tour Video 59

2. Agent MLS description 60

3. Lifestyle Interview 60

Example of form used to collect information from the Sellers 61

4. Example of comments on a Listing Storyboard 62

Why we use the Listing Storyboard 62

How the Listing Storyboard came about 63


Putting the Listing Storyboard to work 65

How our Listing Storyboard Program appears online and in print 65

The Listing Storyboard will allow your home to Compete 66

Program 5: Walking-Tour Videos 66

What is a Walking-Tour Video? 66

Why We Use The Walking-Tour Video / Detail 66

How The Walking-Tour Video Is Made 67


Practice 68

What is a Memories Video? 71

How The Memories Video Program Came About 71

How The Memories Video Is Produced 72

Pedro’s Listing Storyboard at work 73

Program 6: COMING SOON 73

What is a Coming Soon Program? 73

Three Reasons Why we use the Coming Soon Program 74

Reason 1) Buyers see upcoming homes; Sellers get ‘breathing space,’ to

prepare to list 74

Reason 2) Acquire the Listing at the first meeting 74

Reason 3) More Time To Prepare The Home 75

Marti Hampton’s Coming Soon Program 75

What a professional promotion on offers a home

Seller: 76

How benefits the Agent: 77

How benefits home Buyers: 77

Putting a Basic Coming Soon Program in Place - for free 78

GA Top Agent, Brittany Purcell’s take on ‘Coming Soon.’ 79

Pedro Casanova, top Agent, Miami Fl 79

Program 7: RADIO and Education Programs for Sellers and Buyers 80

WHO comes on the show 80

CONTENT on the show 81

How the show is promoted 82

What if there’s no funding for a radio show? 83

Dan Ihara educates through Seminars 83

Matt Wagner 83

Program 8: PRIORITY Seller AND Buyer 84

What Are The Seller And Buyer Priority Programs? 84

Priority Seller Program™ 84

Priority Buyer Program™ 85


What Is The Sell For Free Buy New Program? 86


Program 11: LEASE OPTION 88

What is a Lease Option? 88

Benefits of the Lease Option for Sellers 88

How The Lease Option Works 88

Program 12: ESTATE PLANNING 89


The Agent’s role in a Divorce Consultation 90

The Real Estate Process when divorcing 91

Legal Aspects of the Divorce Process 92

What led me to develop the Divorce Program 93

Program 15: Delivering Excellent Service Brings You Referrals 94

Christopher McNamara 95

Providing the highest level of service for current clients 95

Mike Hicks, The Promise 100

Chapter 3: About the Author: Growing Perspective 103

Life at Home 103

College Years 104

Work life 104

And then came the license 106

Keller Williams 107

AllStarCertified Network 108

Acknowledgements 110

Agents: become part of the growing AllstarCertified referral network, and benefit from the playbooks for the programs, leads, referrals and weekly coaching on how to use the programs. Keep your own branding and all of your commission. Exclusive to one team per KW market center. Facebook message me for more info, or register your interest.


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