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Hashtag Your Content - the gift that keeps on giving

Building your content library on a platform you own has become more important than ever, in this world of increasing competition, and aggregators selling leads back to agents. Learn the bait to put on your fishing hook. Your content library is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ throughout your career.

The platform you 'own' might be your blog or a website. Post a link to that content on the social media distribution channels of your choice, and make the choice to drive them back to your funnel - which is the page of content that they land on, which you have created.

Feeds on distribution channels - Facebook, Twitter et al, are instant gratification with likes and clicks and love for you. However, when you use those distribution channels to drive potential clients to some kind of page, with a CTA (Call To Action), that's when all of your hard work is leveraged. Most importantly, once you have created something once a week for a year, you can re-post that content the following year. That's why it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Keep a list (google spreadsheet is an easy one) of the links that you post, with 'date posted' on it, as well as a link to the content. If you are a little tech savvy, you can set the formula to automatically set the new date to post. That way, it becomes a no-brainer on what to post and when. Over time, you can leverage this to your administrative staff. You may also choose to use a mass posting service such as Hootsuite. Make sure you are still connected to your content if you choose this route, as it can look a little 'canned' - the enemy of connecting with people.

RIS Media recently published a list of hashtags to use - think of these as a way to pull up all of your content in one string. For the important tags - purchase a domain, and point it to the URL that comes up when you click on the hashtag of your content. Here's some examples on Facebook Live. Remember they don't need to be videos - all content should have hashtags. Here's a general example.

Here's an example of how I use the #Educational hashtag on my blog for agents.

On the niche specific tags - or your Unique Value Proposition - add in your specialties

#RealEstate(YOUR CITY)GolfCourseCommunities

  • Historic

  • Condo

  • BikeTrails

  • GermanFood....etc

RIS list

Broad Tags These tags are general and will catch a wide net of followers.

Niche Specific Tags These tags can help capture potential clients in your area. Simply add your specifics in the () provided, then remove the parentheses.

#RealEstate(YOUR CITY) #RealEstate(YOUR STATE) #(YOUR CITY)RealEstate #(YOUR STATE)RealEstate #HomeForSale(YOUR CITY) #HomeForSale(YOUR STATE)

Learn more at

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