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Help Selling Your Asheville Home during these times

One family may sell their home free*

Need to sell your home because you have lost your job, business, or become very sick?

Helping our community in Western North Carolina, from Weaverville to Hendersonville, Waynesville to Black Mountain, and of course Asheville NC, is part of our community commitment at AllstarPowerhouse. We love the mountains, and feel it is our duty to give back at a high level.

Through our Homes For Heroes Program we have given back over $756,000 to local community servers, Police, Fire, Teachers, Firefighters, Healthcare Professionals and Veterans. Now that's not enough.

During 2020 - and who knows where it will stop - the COVID-19 situation has added fuel to a lot of personal and economic uncertainty. Many of us are making sacrifices for our families and loved ones, and some are faced with very difficult decisions. To continue to help do our part,

AllstarPowerhouse will sell one home free* for one property seller/s per month, who need to sell their home because they have lost their job, business, or become very sick.

There are other fees for any broker who brings the buyer, likely 3% or less.

Our small team of Allstars have given back more to local community servers than many large corporations. We are opening this opportunity up to individuals who have endured a significant personal and/or financial loss during recent months. Do you know someone that has lost a job, business, or has become very sick, and may need to sell their home to get through this? Please click the link below to tell us your (or their) story for our consideration. 

If you are outside of our sales area, we will share your story with an agent in your area, and ask them to consider offering you the same program. Are you one of these agents? Share your details here.

Link to share story - please make sure you share the contact details for yourself and the people you are nominating, as well as their story. Because of the high interest in this program, we cannot reach out to folks without knowing the story.


Due to the potential for high demand in this program, AllstarPowerhouse reserves the right to select who is eligible based on the sole subjective judgment of AllstarPowerhouse.

AllstarPowerhouse does not provide any guarantee regarding the ability to sell, timing of sale, pricing, or market suitability for any individual’s home that might be chosen for inclusion in this program.

AllstarPowerhouse reserves the right to determine from time-to-time, in its sole discretion, the methods and plans for attempting to sell any home approved for inclusion in this program.

AllstarPowerhouse may recommend that any individuals chosen as part of this program engage in some improvements, cleaning, repairs, remodeling, home staging, or other changes that might enhance the likelihood of selling the applicable home. Any individuals chosen as part of this program shall be under no obligation to perform any of these recommendations and AllstarPowerhouse shall not be required to provide any funds related to such recommendations.

This program does not apply to current listings of AllstarPowerhouse and is only available to people that contact us through this Form.

AllstarPowerhouse and any individuals chosen for inclusion in this program shall also be required to enter into an “Exclusive Right-To-Sell Contract” (standard NC Home sale Form) in order to further confirm the rights and responsibilities of AllstarPowerhouse and the applicable individual(s) included in this program.

There are other fees for any broker who brings the buyer, likely 3% or less.

AllstarPowerhouse reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate this program at any time without notice.

Want more information? Contact us at this link


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