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Home Showing North Carolina Schedules March 31 2020

Here's a few thoughts on why it is important to get - or keep your home on the market.

1. Have a video attached to your home listing - these are always valuable. If your agent cannot get in to do it right now, walk around your home and outside, and talk about lifestyle in your home "imagine relaxing in this open plan living room while your 'chef' cooks in the kitchen, and then out here on the west-facing terrace" - that kind of thing, as well as describing the counter tops, wood floors and great features about your home. Reach out to your agent or us and we can talk you through how to do it. Most cell phones have great video capacity now. You don't have to be 'on' camera - simply walk around your property.

2. We produce a listing storyboard for you and your agent, if you are outside of our market, free, to help your home marketing - - these feature the video and an interview with you - if you want to get started with this in preparation, the link is here - if you have time on your hands right now, it's a good time to do this! We regularly work with agents around the country to do this.

3. Thousands of agents have websites like ours at - where just like you, buyers save favorites in their cart - think shopping cart on Amazon. If you are not listed, your home is not being saved. 4. Most intelligent people are not asking 'why has this home been on the market a while' right now.... 5. When this eases up - there will be thousands of people scrambling to get their home on the market, which will overload the system, both with photographers, inspectors, appraisers, loan officers doing preapprovals, buyer's agents showing homes etc. There are only so many hours in a day. This means that if your home is in a lot of showings carts - yours will be in the first out of the gate that gets showings - who knows, it may even create a bidding war, with multiple offers! 6. With a walking tour video in place, there is no need for folks to come into your home - however, they can watch the video, and peruse the listing storyboard right now, and be on the list of interested parties waiting to swoop the moment they can! This can help keep your value high. While you are in the 'shopping cart', buyers often reach out to agents with questions about the home, which they can get answered now, in preparation for seeing it -when they can!

Most importantly, keep you and yours, safe throughout this, and my thoughts, prayers and sense of fun is coming your way ;-) We are here whenever you need us. This too shall pass, and meanwhile we are all concentrating on what is important in life.

March 31, 2020 - from our local Multiple Listing Service in North Carolina:

The NC Governor’s Executive Order 121 includes real estate as an essential service, but it DOES NOT preempt or supersede any local order, which includes more restrictive guidelines. If you are living or operating in a local area (county or municipality) with a more restrictive order on real estate activity, YOU MUST COMPLY WITH IT.   Here is a list of counties covered by Canopy where (as of this time, 3/31/2020) real estate brokerage is considered non-essential.

  1. Mecklenburg/Charlotte Stay At Home Order and clarification on real estate services in Mecklenburg County

    • The Mecklenburg Stay at Home Ordinance limited real estate to appraisal and title. 

    • The clarification Mecklenburg County issued on March 28 appears to limit real estate brokerage activity to final walk through prior to closing, and closings, and only where there is money vested either by way of earnest money or mortgage loan commitment.

    • Mecklenburg County has not addressed other issues such as obtaining new listings, general showings even if vacant, measuring and photography unless done virtually.  We are working on these issues.

    • As far as new construction, Mecklenburg’s ordinance acknowledges it as an essential service, and the ordinance states that it shall be interpreted broadly. 

  2. Cabarrus Stay At Home Order  –  Update 3/31/20 5 p.m. from non-essential to essential. 

  3. Essential, however - Buncombe Stay At Home Order - Have ordered NO SHOWINGS until April 9

  4. Madison Stay At Home Order and supplemental guidance – Have ordered NO SHOWINGS until April 9

  5. Henderson Stay At Home Order - Update 3/31/2020 from non-essential to essential.

This is not intended to be legal advice. For more guidance, call the government entity that issued the order:

Mecklenburg:  704-353-1926 Cabarrus 704-920-1213 Madison 828-649-0755 Henderson: 828-697-4809 Buncombe: 828-250-5300 North Carolina hotline: 866-462-3821


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