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Laurel Ridge Community, Black Mountain NC 28711

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Gorgeous lot in a desirable gated neighborhood! Would have beautiful views with some clearing on this perfect build spot. Community has a clubhouse, walking trails, and is in a great part of Black Mountain. Come see!

37 Wedgewood Terrace

Black Mountain, NC 28711

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Laurel Ridge, located in Black Mountain, is a gated community that has approximately 190 lots, with almost half of those lots already built on or under construction. It is located about 20 minutes from Black Mountain NC. Underground utilities are an attraction as well as backing up to the Asheville watershed and unspoiled forest. There are many different sites to choose from, flat, sloped, and those with and without views. The Lodge at Laurel Ridge provides homeowners with a place to gather.

Click here to see homes and homesites available and sold in Laurel Ridge Community, Black Mountain NC - click on the contact us button on any of those properties. Remember to save your favorites - click on the heart top right!

Click here to see homes and homesites available and sold in Laurel Ridge Community, Black Mountain NC - click on the contact us button on any of those properties. Remember to save your favorites - click on the heart top right!

Per the home owners' association:

"Laurel Ridge is a beautiful community approximately 15 minutes outside of Black Mountain and 30 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. Our peaceful, gated, spectacular mountain setting backs up to the Asheville watershed and is surrounded by acres of unspoiled forest. Our dedication to living in harmony with nature, natural beauty and a real sense of community are very important to all residents whether they own property here as a vacation home or year round residence. Over 45% of our 190 lots have been built on or have homes under construction. Laurel Ridge is a rare find as mountain communities go. All roads are paved and we have our own community water system. The Black Mountain Fire Department has a sub-station right in Laurel Ridge and there are fire hydrants throughout the neighborhood. The neighborhood has underground utilities, including phone lines, at each lot and so much more to offer"

The leasing policy tells you all you need to know about the neighborhood:

Every Laurel Ridge home has a designated contact person who is available to answer questions and help homeowners, guests and tenants. The contact person for this home is: _____________________________ Phone: _______________ What follows is a comprehensive list of Community Rules, regulations and a lot of helpful information that will make your stay in Laurel Ridge more pleasant and enable you to comply with neighborhood policy. The list of topics includes things all renters are expected to know and it is the responsibility of all owners to ensure tenant awareness and compliance. All information herein is subject to change.


In accordance with Buncombe County Building Code guidelines, occupancy of all rental properties is limited to the number of bedrooms in the structure times 2.5 people per bedroom maximum, rounded up. For example, a 3 bedroom home maximum occupancy is calculated as follows: 3 bedrooms x 2.5 = 7.5, rounded up = 8 person maximum occupancy. (Standard Architectural Design). A bedroom is defined as a room with a closet plus windows and doors that meet fire code requirements for ingress and egress.


Sheriff - 255-5555 Fire - (house or woods) call 911 then call 669-8075 or 669-9117 Medical Emergency - call 911 then call 669-8075 or 669-9117 Pump House Alarm - call Boyce Tucker at 669-8507 or George Bush at 669-1473 Water Shed Related Issues - call Lee Hensley at 669-8569 Electrical Outage - call 1-800-419-6356 Telephone Service - on regular house phone dial 611 or call 1-800-642-0544 on cell Laurel Ridge Gate Issues - call Duane Jennings at 669-1422 Animal Control - Domestic animals and livestock - Sheriff's office 250-6670 - Wild animals - Gene Mills 669-0410 or 800-662-7137


Bear proof, secured dumpsters are located just inside the gate on your left as soon as you enter. Dumpster usage is restricted to Laurel Ridge residents and tenants. All resident vehicles are identifiable. All guests/tenants using the dumpster should be aware of their property owners name and address to ensure compliance when asked. When placing trash in the dumpsters, always throw it as far into the dumpster as possible - or push it with one of the hoes located on site in order to make room for others to get their trash in the container. Corrugated cardboard should be flattened and taken to the town cardboard recycling dumpsters located on Rec. Center Road off of Blue Ridge Road. All fluorescent light bulbs including the new smaller ‘bulb replacement’ bulbs contain mercury and MUST be taken to the Black Mountain fire station for proper disposal. Should the dumpsters be full - NEVER leave trash outside the dumpsters! Please hold your trash in a secure location and wait until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday following trash pick-up to return when the dumpsters are empty. Finally, you’ll note the dumpsters are securely closed. ALWAYS be sure to close and latch the dumpsters after placing your trash in them. Bears are expert dumpster finders... and if the dumpsters are unsecured, you’ll be causing a big mess!


Guests/Tenants/Residents are not to park vehicles on the roadways in such a manner that would obstruct the safe passing and navigation of emergency, commercial, or personal vehicles. Additionally, parking on the property of others without advanced permission is not allowed. FIRES / CAMPFIRES Outdoor fires are strictly prohibited. The only outdoor fires allowed in Laurel Ridge are periodic fire department supervised burns on the POA lot off of Wedgewood Terrace. Any fire requests must first be approved by the POA and the Black Mountain Fire Department. GATE OPERATION A four digit entry code is assigned annually for owners and quarterly for guests, tenants and service providers. Pull up to the touch pad just before the gate and enter the 4 digit code given to you by your property owner or their agent and the gate will open. When exiting, slowly approach the gate and it will open automatically. The gate opens automatically in the event of a power failure and when approached by an emergency vehicle.


The use of any form of fireworks are strictly prohibited


All of these vehicles are prohibited in Laurel Ridge. TRESPASS Guests and tenants may not trespass on the property of others.


All pets, when not in the confines of the residence, are required to be on a leash or under strict owner voice control. Pet owners are to carry waste bags with them and clean up after their pets. Dogs shall not be allowed to bark for more than 5 minutes before owners are expected to quiet them.


It’s the responsibility of all residents and tenants to maintain Laurel Ridge’s general sense of peace and quiet. Quiet times are strictly enforced between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. WILDLIFE NEVER feed any of our wildlife! We live among black bear, deer, turkey, and an abundance of other wild animals, all of which must not be fed. Also, be aware that we live among Bobcat, snakes and many other species of animals. All guests and tenants are encouraged to understand interaction with wildlife and to safeguard their children and pets accordingly.


No business activity is permitted by guests or tenants from any Laurel Ridge residence.


Laurel Ridge roads are plowed as needed. Barrels of salt/sand are available along roads.


The speed limit in Laurel Ridge is 20 m.p.h. In general, when driving in the mountains it’s wise to pay closer than normal attention to maintaining a prudent speed and staying on your own side of the center stripe! Not just in Laurel Ridge! Our winding mountain roads are inconsistently marked, often extremely curvy, have many steep grades and sharp turns. Add to that weather conditions and wildlife crossing and you have a lot to pay attention to! A good rule of thumb is to consider all speed limits TRUE limits... not mere suggestions! Slow down... enjoy the scenery!


The discharge of any firearm or the use of any projectile device such as bows or sling shots, etc. are strictly prohibited. HUNTING / TRAPPING There is strictly no hunting or trapping allowed in the community or within the borders of Laurel Ridge’s 1200 acre property.


The beauty that surrounds us in Laurel Ridge is through the pro-active effort of all who live here. Renters and guests are encouraged to join in with our community spirit and contribute in any way you can during your stay. Taking a few minutes to weed a garden, picking up litter along the way when you’re out for a walk or inquiring about joining one of our committee activities when you’re visiting is always encouraged and welcome!

Frequently asked questions - these always change so check in with the community directly when you are seriously interested in purchasing!

1. How much are the POA Dues? As of 2014 POA dues are $1200 yearly due by February 15th. They are reviewed annually.

2. What is the cost of water and trash? Property Owners are billed for water and trash (dumpsters at gate)           quarterly.  Currently the cost is $160 every three months. Reviewed annually.

3. How long do I have to build? No time limit to build once you buy a lot.  But once ground is                    broken, construction should be finished within a year.

4. Can I park an RV on my property? RV's are not permitted inside Laurel Ridge.

5. What is the minimum size home I can build? Square footage requirements of heated space are 1,200 for one story, 1,600 for a two story.

6. Can I build a log house?  Log cabins are allowed in Laurel Ridge.

7.  Can I build other buildings on my Land?   No subdividing of lots. Separate buildings need to be attached.

8. What is the average perk test?  Average perk tests are done for a 3 bedroom home.

9. Where do I get my mail box?  Mail boxes are available to residents. New residents will be advised about how to get their mailbox.

10. Where do I get my gate remote?   Gate remotes can be purchased from the POA Treasurer.

Click here to see homes and homesites available and sold in Laurel Ridge Community, Black Mountain NC - click on the contact us button on any of those properties. Remember to save your favorites - click on the heart top right!

7 comentarios

Kerry Mock
Kerry Mock
25 oct 2018

Beautiful gated community with spectacular views

Me gusta

22 oct 2018

Views, wildlife, tranquility and so close to Black Mountain.

Me gusta

Jared Tomberlin
Jared Tomberlin
09 oct 2018

Such a growing community, with the potential to build your dream home!

Me gusta

Brooke Bennett
Brooke Bennett
07 oct 2018

Looks like a wonderful community of neighbors!

Me gusta

Beverly McFadden Young
Beverly McFadden Young
05 oct 2018

Well kept gated community in Black Mountain. Surrounded by acres of forests. Call today for more info. 828-222-6872.

Me gusta
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