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LP Mamaa - buyer acronym for agents

Real Estate Agents, especially when starting out, sometimes wonder what questions to ask. LP MAMAA is a good acronym to start with. Most often you see LP MAMMA, however I like to add the A for Ask for the Appointment!

LOCATION -  Where is the buyer wanting to purchase? And why - especially if out of area. PRICE -  What price range they are they looking for? MOTIVATION -  How motivated are they to buy a home, what's their timeframe? What is bringing them to this area? APPROVED -  Have they been approved for a loan? MORTGAGE -  What is the mortgage amount they have been approved for? AGENT -  Do they have an agent they are already signed with?

APPOINTMENT - Ask for the appointment. Visiting in a while? 'I'll pencil it in'

Remember - LP MAMAA


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