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Tasks and Distractions

Fill in each of the boxes with at least 3 things.

For example


Detract from your life on steroids’ = TASKS that you LOATHE! ‘Detract’ are the TASKS you don’t like. Using it for People: think of how you react when someone calls you and you glance down at caller ID: Detract = furrow lines on your brow. Detract on Steroids = “oh no not them.

Don't Like = TASKS that you would prefer not to do, or People you see pop up on your phone = "oh not them..."

Add = “Oh that’s lovely, Susan is calling me. I’ll call her back at the break". TASKS - 'I like to do this'.

Add on steroids = “Wow - Susan is calling me, she is one of my key 5 people, I am stepping out now to take her call’ TASKS, if you take this out of my position I will quit!

Once you have completed this for tasks or people - LEARN TO LIVE ON THE LEFT.

People: Limit exposure as much as possible to people on the right

Tasks: Leverage out as many tasks on the right as possible

Many people ask ‘should this be work tasks?” My feeling is to put ALL the tasks you loathe and love on there. In real estate (especially) doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, cleaning the house - all detract from prospecting or other things you know are necessary, and other money making activities.

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Print out this sheet for you and your team / family and fill it in together, then discuss a strategy on how to move to the LEFT.

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