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16 W Euclid Parkway Asheville, NC 28804 MLS ID#: 3664652

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Sought after Lakeview Park location with side views of Beaver Lake. Good-sized master bedroom with half bath, and large living room open to dining and kitchen area.

New Marvin triple locking French doors off the dining area, still need steps down. Fireplace with new antique tile surround.

Light and bright upper level is in the process of being remodeled, and many upgrades have already been added such as a new A/C unit, lots of crown molding, new composite deck, downstairs fully dry sealed, new Marvin windows, Marvin French doors in kitchen and sunroom,new gas logs, tons of recessed lights, drain lines and sewer stack replaced, tankless hot water heater.

This is an opportunity to come in and add your finishing touches to this home with all the main work already completed. Back siding needs replacing. Range being installed early October.

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Register your interest in this home - with the address as the reference name

1 comentario

tyler mellor
tyler mellor
15 oct 2020

This home has so much potential and SO close to Beaver Lake. Such an awesome opportunity!

Me gusta
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