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33 Laurel Ridge Drive Mills River, NC MLS# 3552539

Amazing home in Mills River!

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Bring the horses! Completely remodeled Ranch home in beautiful Mills River. Almost 7 acres, with breathtaking views!

Certified Pre Owned home- pre-inspected and pre-appraised and will offer a Home Warranty, with acceptable offer.

“Seller Says” -

Mills River is a charming place to live! The community has worked hard to maintain its rural roots, and it has a small town feel.There is a great community park with ball fields, walking trails, playground, tennis, and basketball courts. And we have the best breweries, Sierra Nevada and Bold Rock Cidery! Both are great places to relax with your whole family including the dogs.

We are so close to Pisgah National Forest that you can enjoy hiking and fishing at a moment's notice. Brevard and Hendersonville are both easy 20 minute drives. There is such a great variety of restaurants in our area! Our favorite is also our closest, Sierra Nevada. The food, the spectacular building, and grounds make it a prime destination for all our visitors. If we head toward Asheville, it's either 131 Main in Biltmore Park or Chestnut in downtown Asheville. Chestnut is a great place to go before a show at Diane Wortham Theater. Mills River is a small town, so we only have 1 grocery, but it's a great one. Our Ingles was built as the company showpiece a few years ago, and it has more selection than any other. And Ace Hardware is right next door to Ingles.

Of course, if you're in the country, you need a good farm store. Valley Ag is a family owned place that caters to gardeners and farmers. Briggs Garden in Horseshoe is a small family nursery with unusual plants.

We purchased this property 12 years ago because we were drawn to the beautiful land and view. Definitely not the house! It was a little, purple ranch house with a collapsing deck! We knew we would have to save the poor house, but the property had everything we wanted. Privacy, south facing, and a great view topped the list. And it had an easy drive (no mountain roads!) and great access to Brevard, Asheville, and Hendersonville.

We are both natives of western NC, and we always knew we would end up back here. There is such a special heart to this area! People move here because they WANT to usually, not for a job. I think that has made the community much more mindful of what it has, and there always seems to be a collective attitude to take care of the land here and each other.

We have dearly loved living here, and we leave with heavy hearts. Unfortunately, age and health has made it harder to take care of such a big spread, and we need to pass this home on to another family. It is a wonderful place for children! Lots of land for animals and freedom, and the semi-open floor plan is so livable. When you are in the kitchen, you can keep tabs on the game in the big living room but still have an adult conversation with someone in the front room. Living on this property has been a wonderful part of my life! We have put so much of ourselves in creating it, and we've really enjoyed the process. Gardening has been a large part of it, and the flower beds are full of perennials that reward us every year with surprise blooms. I pick gallons of blueberries yearly, and there are thorn less blackberries, apples, pawpaw, elderberry, and Asian pears.

The fenced vegetable garden has only been grown organically, and the soil has been amended annually for years. I plant in wide beds that that have been so well treated that they need little to no tilling anymore. Our neighbors with horse manure have made my garden very happy!

The greenhouse is unique in that it never goes below freezing without external heating. The soil under it has a system of tubing buried in it with insulation around the edges. Air is pumped through this tubing in the summer heating the soil, like storing energy in a battery. In the winter, cold air is pumped through the tubing and back into the building warmed up! You can't get me out of there in the winter. It's pretty nifty to pick tomatoes in January in my nice, toasty greenhouse! There are so many things to do in this area! When I can pull myself away from my gardens, my husband and I enjoy motorcycle riding on the mountain roads. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes away near the Arboretum entrance (another wonderful place). We are also fans of all the theater in the area. Flat Rock Playhouse has world class productions, and there are several venues in Asheville Diane Wortham Theater, Asheville Community Theater.

My favorite hobby is really to sit on my porch in the evenings watching the stunning sunsets. We should make an album of all the sunset pictures we've taken! The neighbors along our quiet road have made us feel very comfortable and safe. There's a good mix of families and retirees, and everyone is willing to lend a hand in that wonderful Southern, country way. The house is all electric from Duke Energy. There are 2 heat pumps and one has propane as back up heat. We also use our free standing wood stove often in the winter. We can actually heat most of the house with it if we turn on the HVAC fan. I am an electric range person, but a gas stove could easily be installed. The propane tank is buried just inside the garden. Blossman Gas owns the tank.

The solar panels make a big difference in our power consumption. It's a 10kV system with a battery back up. There is a separate panel in the basement that has all the breakers that are on back up. This can be changed by an electrician if you wanted more on it. The transition is seamless when the power goes out, and there is no maintenance on the system at all. Best of all, our electric bill has averaged $89/month for the last 13 months!

There is a private well for our water supply. We have an abundance of water, so we've never had to worry about who is showering while the laundry is running! There is a whole house water filter in the crawl space that gets serviced every other year for around $250. This was on the house when we bought it, and it has worked perfectly. We have great water.

Radon mitigation was installed when the basement was built.

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Susan Swanger Zipf
Susan Swanger Zipf
Nov 18, 2019

A perfect home for a family, with room to run, but close to town.


Nicole Horne
Nicole Horne
Sep 30, 2019

I live this home and the acreage. nice area


Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor
Sep 30, 2019

This Home/Property is truly outstanding! You don't find many special places like this one! Love it!

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