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85 Conservative Lane Hendersonville, NC 28739 MLS ID#: 3561297

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Priced $23K below Appraisal- This property is full of possibilities!

Tucked away in a peaceful setting, a great opportunity to own*** 2 homes***-- Main house includes a beautiful kitchen, picture window, gas stove top, kitchen island, and wet bar with 2 bedrooms .

Upstairs could easily be used for Airbnb or VRBO, includes a kitchenette, garden tub, open floor plan with a separate entrance if you choose to use it for a rental.

Across the way from main house, is an adorable cottage, there is currently a long term tenant in place.

Behind cottage is a 2 story storage building with electricity that could easily be converted into a studio or workshop. This property is being offered 2 ways. Main house, by itself, or both houses together.

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Register your interest in this home - with the address as the reference name

2 Σχόλια

Nicole Horne
Nicole Horne
19 Νοε 2019

AIRBNB friendly.. always a plus,

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Susan Swanger Zipf
Susan Swanger Zipf
15 Νοε 2019

What a sweet place! Two homes, tenant in place. Great investment.

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