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Coming Soon: 410 Tennis Court Road, Burnsville NC 28714

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Seller Says

"We love Burnsville's laid back attitude and active downtown area with restaurants, festivals, shops, weekly farmers' market, and a very nice Ingle's Grocery Store.

The Garden Deli is a family favorite restaurant. The Ingle's Grocery Store in town is an excellent place to shop with a Starbucks, pharmacy, full-service deli (you must try the in-store made chicken salad) and well-stocked olive bar plus a helpful and friendly staff. The property has beautiful views from the front porch and the open, bright floor plan is lovely. The outside beauty if part of the decor. We also like that there are three good-sized separate bedrooms and plenty of closet space.

Burnsville has lovely weather, a vast and clear night sky perfect for star gazing, and our house has close proximity to a river (The Cattail Creek). The remote feeling of the house is well-balance with nearby access to town and all the business and services it offers. It is a beautiful drive from the house to town and back again. There a hikes for all levels in the area. We love to hop on the Polaris and explore the switch-back trails that used to carry trains to and from the mica mines. The stories of the area (please see the book we left on the counter) and how people came to make homes here is interesting history.

We enjoy potluck suppers at the Community Center, walking the loop of our neighborhood road, attending Astronomy Club events in Burnsville Square, and shopping for something unique and fun at "Something Special" store downtown. Our neighborhood is great for hiking, making local friends, social gatherings, porch sitting, roasting marshmallows over the fire pit, soaking in the moonbeams, taking in your fill of fresh air, and feeling restful and content. Our agent has a complete list of all our bills per month since we moved in."

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1 comentario

25 jul 2018

Close to Cattail Creek in Burnsville, enjoy the feel of quiet country living with hiking trails while being close to town and shopping. Come check it out!

Me gusta
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