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Selling a mobile home or manufactured home in the mountains

Manufactured homes are a popular residential choice across the country; with no exception in Western North Carolina. Note that manufactured homes are not modular; although this definition often gets blurred. For differences, see an earlier article here.

With a manufactured; or modular home, homeowners get to place a home on a lot of their choice. The real difference to purchasing a manufactured or modular home to a stick-built or traditionally built home is SPEED. Once the land is prepped, a manufactured home is driven on and hooked up, which is a fast option to get into a home! There are of course; many other differences covered in the previous link to the article.

With a modular home, the modules will need assembling and more finish work is done on site, however, most homes are 90 days from purchase to finish, depending on ordering times, and the amount of preparation of the land that is needed.

Selling a mobile home when owners own the land is a straightforward deal - very similar to a traditional home sale. Start your sale here. Wherever you are in the USA, we can help!

If you don't own your land, here are a few tips:

  • If you don't own the land, your home is considered as 'personal property' or sometimes you'll see the legal term chattel.

  • Most often the Mobile Park Owner will have various rules and regulations, so involve them in the process as early as possible. Often, Park Owner's have the first right of refusal in the sale. Check your documents from when you purchased. The Park Administrator may even offer to sell your home for a fee.

  • If you are transferring your ownership to a family member, refer to your purchase docs and regulations.

  • Remember that when you do not own the land, a manufactured home depreciates over time. It's not likely to be worth what you paid for it years ago.

  • There are a number of ways to value your home, including JD Powers Appraisal guide

How to search for Manufactured homes get an idea of values:

Visit our site at and start typing manufactured in the search bar; choose property type, or the feature 'manufactured homes allowed' if you are looking for land where you can place your mobile home.


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