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Unique Value Proposition - Excerpt

UVP - The Three Building Blocks: Affinity Audience, Marketing Content and Programs

For videos of Rowena going through the content, see the UVP Book Series videos on Facebook.

Ever struggled with your ‘big why’, or your ‘purpose’? Take a step back and look at what gets you excited every day. What’s the thing that you think about driving home, when you get that little lump in your throat? What are you hoping to happen for you, or them?

Imagine if you could bring that feeling to your everyday work. The following is an excerpt from the best-selling book on dominating your real estate market: ‘Find Your Unique Value Proposition’, showing the first of the building blocks.

Building Block 1. Affinity Audience - determining what is unique about you, in order to attract your Natural Affinity Audience.

A Natural Affinity Audience is a group of people you have something in common with; through something you share - such as language, work experience, interests or culture. Truly understanding your Natural Affinity Audience can become the basis for your Unique Value Proposition.

While prospecting, have you ever noticed how easily the conversation flows once you’ve determined you have something in common with the prospective client? While this may seem obvious at first glance, I cannot tell you how many classes I’ve taught where people are not examining who their Natural Affinity Audiences really are.

To define your Natural Affinity Audience, start off with these questions:

  1. Geography - where have I lived, what’s my heritage?

  2. Work Experience and connections - what does my resume look like?

  3. What Hobbies and Interests do I have?

  4. What’s my Cultural Heritage?

  5. What languages do I speak?

1. Geography

One example most agents relate to is a Natural Affinity Audience based on geography.

You’re on the phone with a prospective buyer or seller, and learn that you’ve both lived in the same town, city, or part of the world. It could also be a school you both went to, a common language you speak, or a career you share (or shared). Suddenly, a firm bond is established; why wouldn’t you become their agent of choice? You have a natural affinity with these folks, yet may not be finding a way to attract and own that audience.

2. Your Previous Work Experience and Connections

Remember that your previous career need not be ‘checked at the door’ when you enter real estate! Your previous work experience is another powerful way to differentiate yourself. For example:

You were a nurse in your previous career. How might that help you in real estate? You have a natural affinity for helping people, and the ‘likability’ factor (hopefully!) and ‘people skills’ you’ve learned in nursing are absolutely applicable to real estate. Along these lines, make a new list of the skills, which can benefit you in your real estate business.

You were a teacher. Put on your real estate garb, and call around the schools; explain that you’re working with a lot of buyers from out of the area, and that they’re always asking you about schools. Make an appointment to go and see the principal, or school manager and learn their UVP. Publish whatever they allow you to, such as an interview with the principle. Once you’ve interviewed five or six key principals in that area, imagine what you will have learned - and can now share. Note: This can work in many previous work scenarios where the industry serves the public.

Whether the field involved Dentists, Doctors, Nurseries, Hospitals or Schools - you have a natural ‘in,’ as you ‘used to be a Teacher, understand the business, and speak their language.’ This is best handled on a blog, so you can leverage it later - posting it out on social media and other channels - and allowing more people to comment on what you’ve written (more about that later). Imagine the rich results you could create!

You worked in a dentist’s office. Something as simple as wearing your real estate garb, going into a dental office and introducing yourself, along with your stack of business cards, could easily bring you more business. If you worked in a business-to-consumer (or B2C) business, make a list of the 20+ offices within a 20-minute drive, and go visit them!

You could introduce yourself with something like: “I used to work in a dentist’s office and yours is impressive. I work with a lot of buyers in the area, and would love to add you to the list of offices I provide; would that be okay?” Start developing a list of all of those offices, share them with clients - and don’t forget to keep visiting. A similar strategy works with any ‘affinity groups,’ so think about how to monetize whatever your ‘group’ may be.

These concepts work whenever and wherever you had contact with the public, whether you’ve worked with Police, as a Firefighter, Veteran or Military office. Get the idea?

Here’s an example of leveraging your previous work experience and connections.

Featured Agent

Orlando, Fl. agent Jessica Estrada worked in hospitality for many years, and we discussed how she could leverage that experience. Jessica works with potential buyers who are not currently living in the Orlando area, and knows that providing some insight as to where they can stay when they visit will be valuable to them.

In order to gain a better sense of their overall operations, Jessica meets with the management of several top-rated hotels in her area. These are easy meetings for her, as she speaks the ‘hospitality language.’ The end result is two-fold: first, Jessica has content to share with her buyers, providing an overview of multiple hotels as ‘a short read.’ Second: she also meets many ‘multipliers’ - people who will meet many others - who are likely to have questions about real estate. By leveraging her work experience, Jessica has fun back in her old domain while placing herself as ‘the go-to agent’ for that audience. This puts her prospecting on steroids!

Find out more and see programs built and ready to use at

  1. Work Experience and connections - what does my resume look like?

  2. What Hobbies and Interests do I have?

  3. What’s my Cultural Heritage?

  4. What languages do I speak?

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