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378 River Walk Drive Burnsville, NC 28714 MLS 3449932 - 1.5 ACRES!

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Great price on this main level living contemporary cabin in a well-kept neighborhood close to Spruce Pine and Burnsville, 40m to skiing at Wolf Laurel. Easy access to highway.

Flat 1.5 acre lot. Surrounding views. Two bedrooms on the main level with a third bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor.

Juliet balcony with barn doors overlooks the gorgeous double height great room, set off by the real rock wood burning fireplace with a Buck stove insert.

Kitchen open to the dining area with views. Hardwood floors throughout much of the home. Fireplace is flanked by patio doors to bring in lots of light. Two car garage on main level and a car collectors dream on the lower level - garage and driveway - garage with space for 4 cars, or an amazing workshop/project room. 40 mins to Asheville, 15m Spruce Pine, 20m Little Switzerland, 30m Mars Hill, 1hr to Appalachian State University, 1hr Johnson City (TN).

“Seller Says”

I love Burnsville because I grew up here. It's a good place to live because it's quiet and peaceful.

I love to eat at Western Sizzlin Steakhouse in Spruce Pine. KB's is also good. And check out the Burnsville Donuts!

Our Ingle's grocery store is clean, organized, and they have friendly service.I decided to build my home here because I think it's a great location, I have nice views from my kitchen, and it's a nice flat parcel.

One reason I like my location is because I can be in the middle of Burnsville or Spruce Pine - either one within just a few minutes. I also like my location because I'm only 40 minutes to Asheville, 10 minutes to Mars Hill, and only 5 minutes to Spruce Pine. My house is perfect for my hobby, which is messing around with classic / antique cars. I have an attached garage on the main level and then I also have a large 2-car garage in the basement.

Our neighborhood is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. No loud or boisterous activity. We have great neighbors. My electric bill with Duke Power is very inexpensive. The highest my electric bill has ever been is around $60.


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1 Kommentar

Nicole Horne
Nicole Horne
21. Aug. 2019

Beautiful fireplace and interior design. The location is great too.

Gefällt mir
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